High ping issue in BGMI and PUBG Mobile is really frustrating. It causes lag and makes players annoyed when they cannot load the signals or move the aiming point smoothly. When you play with a high ping rate that is over 60 or 70, it may affect the career result. Check out this guide on how to solve high ping problem in PUBG Mobile and BGMI here.


Aiming Problem
The high ping problem in BGMI or PUBG Mobile is very annoying.

I. High Ping Problem: Causes & Effects

The high ping problem in both BGMI and PUBG Mobile is closely related to connection problem, mostly caused by poor internet connection. It may be due to your either wireless condition or device condition.

High ping issue in BGMI is very annoying because it causes many problems during your gaming experience. Here are some effects that high ping may cause.

  • You cannot loot supplies.
  • Poor internet connection disturbs during combat. When you come back to the battleground, you may have been killed already.
  • You cannot aim accurately.
  • Your device cannot load the signals.

As a result, you cannot get a Chicken Dinner. High ping also prevents you from ranking up due to poor career results. Therefore, a lot of players want to know how to solve the high ping problems in PUBG Mobile in general and BGMI in particular to improve their career results.

Play With Low Ping
Play with low ping to get the Chicken Dinner.

II. How To Solve The High Ping Problem

There are some tips to solve the high ping problem in BGMI and PUBG Mobile or play better with high ping if you cannot deal with the poor internet connection.

#1. Change Your Network

If your current network has a poor connection, you may consider changing the network. Most of the BGMI players have to play with high ping due to poor network connection. If your cellular data network works badly, you can switch to a wireless network. The wifi network often has a stronger connection.

Cannot Aim
Change the network to reduce the ping rate.

#2. Head To Another Location

If the internet connection is not the cause of high ping but your device condition is the reason, you may upgrade to a high-end device or head to a less crowded location. When you land in a crowded place or a big town, your phone cannot load all signals. You should play in small compounds so that your phone and load the graphics well.

In the real world, you should stay away from other devices that are also connecting to the internet to have a better connection. When you play the game when sharing a network with other devices, your phone may also get a poor connection.

Avoid Crowding Places
Avoid crowded places.

#3. Customize DNS Server

Go to the internet setting on your smartphone and customize your DNS server. It prevents your network from being hacked. You may use a third-party tool to do it. However, if you enter the wrong address, your internet connection will be disabled.

#4. Improve Your Skills

Improving your skills also help boost your career result in BGMI. Practice and improve all game skills in the TDM mode to build the gaming memory when playing BGMI with low settings. If you play this game on a low-end device, reduce your graphics and sound quality to reduce the number of signals your phone has to load.

#5. Turn Off Background Running Apps

Another tip to solve the high ping problem in BGMI is turning off background running apps. It helps your phone run better. Some background running apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. consume cellular data. Therefore, they also cause high ping in BGMI.

Those are tips to stop playing with the high ping problem in BGMI. It may help you play better and improve your game career result.

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