BGMI has brought back the Runic Power mode. It was once introduced as a rank mode in the classic map Erangel. Runic Power has been re-introduced in the current update as an EvoGround mode. Here are some tricks and tips to use ice walls in Runic Power in BGMI to have fun and reach inaccessible places.

Climb The Bridge
Climb the bridge by creating a stair from ice walls.

#1. Climb Bridge

If you are a bridge camper, you can make use of the Arctic Rune to climb the bridge. Arrange ice walls to make steps and climb the bridge. You can reach the top of the bridge connecting the main island and the Sosnovka Island quickly. Besides, you can use a flare gun airdrop to bait enemies to kill them from the top of the bridge. To make sure that enemies don't spot you, lie on the top of the bridge and try to hide your body.

#2. Climb Lighthouse

There is a big lighthouse near the bridge linking the main island and the Sosnovka Island. This lighthouse is inaccessible, but the top of this lighthouse is an ideal place for sniping. You can use the ice wall to climb there by following these steps.

  • Approach the shielded door of the lighthouse.
  • Place an ice wall next to the door and climb to the top of that wall.
  • Place another ice wall on the top of the door and continue to climb to the top of that wall.
  • Then, climb to the top of the lighthouse and snipe enemies crossing the bridge.

From the top of the lighthouse, you can jump to the top of the small house next to it.

Climb The Lighthouse
You can also use ice walls to climb the lighthouse.

#3. Camp On Abandoned Churches

There are some abandoned churches around Pochinki, Ruin, Severny. In the classic mode, you cannot climb to the dome rooftop of the church. But in Runic Power in PUBG Mobile and BGMI, you can use the ice wall to climb there and camp enemies from this high place. You can also sit in the broken wall of the dome and hide enemies.

Climb The Church Dome
Climb the church's dome to camp and hide.

#4. Climb Warehouse Near Pochinki

Near the church in Pochinki, you can find a big warehouse. There are some buckets outside the door of the warehouse. After climbing to the top of these buckets, you create an ice wall on them to boost yourself to the rooftop level. Then, you can easily climb to the top of the warehouse.

Climb To The Top Of The Warehouse
Climb to the top of the warehouse to camp enemies from Pochiki.

#5. Climb Novo Observatory

Novo is also a hot drop location and an ideal place to camp enemies crossing the Novo bridge. Novo Observatory is the highest point for snipers to spot and snipe enemies in this area. To climb to the top of this observatory, you also use the ice wall. Make sure that you have a 6x or 8x scope to spot and aim enemies who are far away from this spot.

Novo Obsevatory
Novo Observatory is also a good spot for sniping.

In conclusion, the ice wall in Runic Power in BGMI is very useful for players in this game mode to reach inaccessible spots on this map. Then, you can improve your sniping skills.

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