To get Chicken Dinner in BGMI, you need to win every combat, especially the last circle. However, it's not easy to survive until the ending circle. Check out the top 5 extreme tips and tricks for the BGMI ending circle here.

#1. Choose A Less Known Route

Most of the BGMI players, both noobs and pro players are often finished in hot spots such as Pochinki, School, or the Military Base. Therefore, you should avoid these crowded places so that you won't be finished early before you can enter the ending circle. Instead, you should land on less-known places to loot and get ready for the match.

Choose A Less Known Place
Choose a less-known route to move.

#2. Pay Attention To The Playing Zone

BGMI players have to figure out the center of the safe zone and move towards it. It's better to move into the shrinking zone gradually in a safe way instead of dashing into it at the last moment. In later zones, the circles often shrink fast and the electric zone moves very quickly.

It's very risky when you rush into the safe zone late because enemies can camp near the border of the circle to kill slow players. Or else, the blue zone may make your HP decrease before you enter the playing zone. It's a chance for opponents to kill you.

Take An Eye On The Minimap
Take an eye on the minimap.

#3. Don't Use Vehicles

Another rule for the BGMI ending circle is not to use vehicles when playing solo because vehicles are noisy. Enemies can take you down when you are driving by throwing a frag grenade, spray to make the vehicle explode before you can jump out, or kill you with a few exact shots to the driver's seat.

Vehicles often attract attention when moving on the battleground, especially when the playing zone gets smaller. If you let enemies know where you are, you give them chance to shoot you down. You should only use the vehicle when you go with your teammates when you are far away from the safe zone. Then, your team can react and fire back when your team gets shot.

Dont Use Vehicles
Don't use vehicles when you go alone.

#4. Grab Weapons Quickly

Do not wait for your favorite Mk14 or AWM. Just pick up any weapons around you after landing on the ground. If you spot a shotgun, just pick it to defense when you suddenly counter enemies. Then, you can switch to a better gun or your favorite weapons when you see them.

Besides, combine weapons wisely. Each weapon combo in BGMI should include at least one full-auto gun, such as a submachine gun or an assault rifle. Don't use two sniper rifles or two weapons with a long reload duration or you won't survive until the ending zone.

Dont Ignore Weapons
Don't ignore weapons.

#5. Focus On Survival

To enter the ending circle and get the chance to win the game, you need to focus on survival. BGMI is a battle royale game that is about survival. You cannot respawn after being killed in the battle royale mode. Therefore, save your only life if you really want to get the Chicken Dinner.

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