Lynx AMR is a new sniper rifle in PUBG PC. AWM is the legendary bolt-action sniper rifle in PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile, and BGMI with the highest base and headshot damage. Let's compare these two SRs and predict whether Lynx AMR will come to PUBG Mobile and BGMI or not.


After Lynx AMR was introduced in PUBG, the top position of AWM is threatened. Let's compare these two most powerful SRs in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game in terms of damage, bullet velocity, ammo capacity, firing rate, and attachments here.

#1. Base Damage

Firstly, Lynx AMR has higher headshot damage and base damage than AWM.

Lynx's base damage is 153.4 and its headshot damage is 295. Meanwhile, AWM's headshot damage is 262.5 and its base damage is 136.5. Lynx is very powerful because it's designed to destroy vehicles in PUBG. You can explore a car with only 3 hits from this new SR, which AWM cannot do.

Lynx Has Higher Base Damage Than Awm
Lynx has higher base damage than AWM.

#2. Initial Velocity

The bullet velocity is a very important statistic of long-range weapons like Lynx and AWM. These sniper rifles need high initial bullet velocity in order that the bullet can fly farther with higher accuracy. AWM has the highest initial bullet speed in PUBG's arsenal which is up to 945m/s. It's higher than that of Lynx which is approximately 900m/s.

Therefore, AWM is better in long-range combat. However, their effective range equals which is 1km.

Awm Has Higher Bullet Velocity
AWM has a higher bullet velocity.

#3. Ammo Capacity

Limited ammo capacity is often a disadvantage of bolt-action SRs. The legendary SR AWM uses .300 Magnum ammo. It can hold 5-7 bullets per load. Lynx AMR uses .50 Caliber 12.7mm ammo. It 5 pre-loaded bullets per gun. After 5 shots, Lynx became useless because you cannot reload bullets for this gun. You have to throw it away because you cannot fight with a weapon without ammo.

Obviously, AWM surpasses Lynx AMR in this criterion.

Awm Has Larger Ammo Capacity
AWM has a larger ammo capacity.

#4. Firing Rate

PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC players all know that AWM and other legendary bolt-action SRs need to load a bullet after each shot and reload 5-7 bullets when the magazine is empty. Therefore, their rates of fire are pretty low.

However, PUBG Lynx AMR lets you tap consecutively like an Mk14 in PUBG Mobile although it has only 5 bullets per gun. Therefore, Lynx has a higher firing rate than AWM. Then, its damage per second (DPS) is also higher than that of AWM. It means that you can kill enemies faster with Lynx.

Lynx Has A Higher Rate Of Fire
Lynx has a higher rate of fire.

#5. Attachments

The new SR Lynx has only one attachment slot for a scope. This gun has a pre-equipped bipod. This new SR supports all types of scope, from the holo and red dot to 8x scope. AWM has more attachment slots for an SR magazine, a scope, a muzzle, and a cheek pad.

Sometimes, having too many attachment slots can be a disadvantage because you have to find enough attachments to make the weapon better. However, extended mag helps increase the ammo capacity for AWM.

Lynx Has A Pre Equipped Bipod
Lynx has a pre-equipped bipod.

#6. Handling & Weight

Both AWM and PUBG Lynx ARM have high recoil that makes their barrels choke up. Therefore, you need to readjust the aiming point after each shot. AWM is pretty longer than Lynx but it's lighter than the new SR. Thus, you can run faster when carrying AWM.

Will Lynx Come To BGMI?

Lynx AMR has arrived at PUBG PC in the recent update 12.1. It will not go to BGMI and PUBG Mobile right now. However, it might come to BGMI in the future because most of the PUBG PC weapons will be introduced in PUBG Mobile after that. The Light-machine gun MG3 is an example.

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