Like other battle royale games, PUBG New State also provides players a number of vehicles to traverse the map. Check out this PUBG New State vehicle list review to choose the best vehicles in this new battle royale game.

PUBG New State Vehicle List Review

PUBG New State still brings iconic vehicles in PUBG and PUBG Mobile to the battleground, such as Buggy, UAZ, Dacia, and Motorbike. However, they are rarer in Troi. Besides, the game developers also introduce many electric vehicles, such as the new Buggy EV-AX, the new UAZ called Vrion, the new version of Dacia called Volta, and two new motorcycles Vulture, and Lightning.

Tram Pubg New State
Tram in PUBG New State.

Old vehicle requires gas cans to refill while new electric vehicles need EV Battery to provide energy. Besides, players can also turn off car engines like in PUBG. It helps you hide the vehicle sound when you approach the enemy's location.

Pubg New State Vehicle
PUBG New State has many modern vehicles.

Besides, the Autopilot mode allows players to change the seats and spray enemies while the car keeps running forwards. However, it does not have the Detective feature like the Autopilot mode of Tesla's car in PUBG Mobile and BGMI Mission Ignition.

There Are Some New Electric Vehicles
There are some new electric vehicles.

AI-operated Trams runs around the map. You can find the stations in residences. However, you are more passive when moving on this vehicle than driving a car or riding a motorbike. Moreover, the new weapon capacity lets players carry more supplies when their backpacks are full. You can open the trunk to take supplies to use while driving.

Which Is The Best Vehicle In PUBG New State?

In order to choose the best vehicle in PUBG New State, players need to compare their health and speed. Then, you can choose the best vehicle for different purposes. Let's compare iconic PUBG Mobile vehicles with new vehicles in PUBG New State here.

#1. Old Buggy Vs New EV-AX

Both the old Buggy and the new EV-AX have two seats for one driver and one shooter. But they have different features.

  • Buggy's max speed is 143km/h. It explodes after 37 hits from M249. Its trunk capacity is 200.
  • EV-AX's max speed is 153km/h. It explodes after 52 hits from M249. Its trunk capacity is 200.

In short, the new vehicle EV-AX is better than Buggy in speed and health. They have the same trunk capacity.

Ev Ax
EV-AX is better than Buggy in Troi.

#2. Old Motorbike Vs Lightning Vs Vulture

Lightning is a new electric motorbike which runs on electricity. It has a sports design and instance speed. Besides, there is a new 2-wheel vehicle called Vulture. Let's compare them with the old motorbike here.

  • The old motorbike's max speed is 136km/h. It explodes after 25 hits from M249. Its trunk capacity is 150.
  • Lightning's max speed is 141km/h. It's more durable than the old motorbike. Its trunk capacity is also 150.
  • Vulture's max speed is 136km/h. Its acceleration is not very ideal. It also explodes after 25 hits from M249 and has a trunk capacity of 150.

Therefore, the new motorbike Lightning is better than the old vehicle and the new motor Vulture which run on fuel. All of them can carry two players.

Vulture Pubg New State
Vulture is a new motor.

#3. Dacia Vs Volta

Volta is a new electric car. Let's compare it with the old car Dacia.

  • Dacia's max speed is 136km/h. It explodes after 45 hits from M249.
  • Volta's max speed is 128km/h. It explodes after 60 hits from M249.

Briefly, Volta is slower but more durable than Dacia. Both of them have a trunk capacity of 500.

Volta Pubg New State
Volta is a new electric car in PUBG Mobile 2.

#4. UAZ Vs Vrion

UAZ is known as the most powerful vehicle in PUBG Mobile and BGMI for a full squad of four. The new Vrion is a modern version of this military car.

  • UAZ's max speed is 113km/h. It explodes after 69 hits from M249.
  • Vrion's max speed is also 117km/h. It has the same durability as UAZ.

Moreover, both UAZ and Vrion have a trunk capacity of 500.

#5. Supercar Nova

Besides, there is a new supercar called Nova which is pretty hard to handle. Moreover, the acceleration of Nova is really insane. It takes only 3 seconds to reach 100km/h and its max speed is 151km/h. It explodes after 56 bullets from M249. Besides, its trunk capacity is 300.

Nova is a supercar.

To sum up, UAZ and Vrion are the two best vehicles in PUBG New State. EV-AX is the fastest car in this game.

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