As Mission Ignition in PUBG Mobile is a rank mode, you should try to win more so that you won't want to let your rank drop. Here are eight must-know tips and tactics to win in this PUBG Mobile new mode.

#1. Camp In Tech Centers

The tech center in Mission Ignition mode is often a hot spot. Therefore, early combat usually takes place there. You should land perfectly and come there sooner than other players to camp. There is a wall edge at the staircase where everyone needs to pass to reach the rooftop. When you camp there, you can kill some enemies easily.

Tech Center Erangel
Sit on the wall edge here to camp enemies.

#2. Use Muzzle Brake

The new Muzzle Brake is a better attachment for controlling gun recoil than the compensator, For example, this new muzzle attachment helps reduce the recoil of the new assault rifle ASM Abakan by 10% while the compensator reduces it by only 5%. It also works better with other guns. Therefore, you should use this exclusive muzzle in Mission Ignition mode to get victory in this game mode.

Muzzle Brake Is Better
The muzzle brake is better than the compensator.

#3. Use Ergonomic Grip

Another exclusive attachment in this game mode is the Ergonomic Grip. As introduced, this new attachment helps improve the stability of the gun significantly. Exclusive weapons and attachments are often the most useful ones to win a game mode. Therefore, you should use this new exclusive grip instead of old grips.

The new ergonomic grip also helps control the gun recoil better.

#4. Break The Shield With Strategy

PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition mode introduced a new shield for players to make cover in open fights. If you break it with gunshots, you will need up to a hundred bullets. There is an easier way to break it. Jump and punch it ten times and the shield will be broken.

Punch To Break The Shield
Punch to break the shield faster.

#5. Apply New Tips For Apartment Campers

This new shield is very useful for apartment campers. You can open two shields at the doorway to the top floor. Then, enemies cannot rush you. If your enemy uses this way to block the way, you need to be careful. Firstly, you need to release some smoke to blind the opponent. Then, punch to break the shield. Then, rush and kill enemies. Don't shoot the shield.

Block The Door
You can use the shield to block the doorway.

#6. Use Air Conveyor To Attack School Apartment

There are two air conveyors near the BGMI School Apartment. You can use this launcher to throw yourself into the air and drop on the rooftop of the school apartment. Then, you can reach the apartment rooftop without having to go through lower floors where enemies camp around the staircase. It's a safer way to attack the school apartment in BGMI Mission Ignition.

Use The Air Conveyor
Players can use the air conveyor to reach the school apartment rooftop.

#7. Cross Military Base Bridge Safely

The air conveyor is also a useful way to cross the Military bridge without countering bridge campers in PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition. There are two air conveyors in Sosnovka Military Island in the Base and in the Novo dock. Another way to leave this island safely is by using the tram. This vehicle uses bulletproof windows. So, you are totally safe when staying inside the tram.

Locations Of Two Air Conveyors In Military Island
Two locations of two air conveyors on the Military Island.

#8. Tesla Cars Are Limited

There are only four Tesla cars in each match. They are produced in four Gigafactories. Therefore, you need to get to one of these Gigafactories before other players and produce a Testa car for you. If the mark of the Gigafactory on the minimap gets dark, it means that the materials to make the Tesla car in that factory are used up. You need to move to another factory or rob the car of other players.

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