Laser spray is a pro skill in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. It helps you take the enemies down quickly and increase your K/D ratio. Check out some must-know tips and steps for laser spray in Battlegrounds Mobile India, or PUBG Mobile India.

#1. Always aim at the legs of the enemies

As most BGMI assault rifles have high vertical recoil, the aim will bounce up and choke when you spray. Therefore, you should place the crosshair at the legs of the targets. Then, the second bullet will hit the body of the enemy. Then, the third or fourth bullets will hit the enemy's head. Especially, this tip works better in mid-range spray and long-range spray.

Aim At The Legs
You should aim at the legs of the target.

#2. Use both thumb and gyro to control recoil

If you are a gyro player, it's recommended that you should use both your thumb and gyro to control the gun recoil. Especially, when you spray with a gun with superhigh recoils, such as Mk14, Beryl M762, and AKM in PUBG Mobile, the gyro is not effective enough to keep the crosshair stable. Therefore, you should use the thumb when spraying high-recoil ARs in mid-range engagements.

Use Both Thumb And Gyro To Control
Use both thumb and gyro to control the gun.

#3. Laser spray with hip-fire in close combat

In close combat, you shouldn't open scope to spray, especially large scopes. It's because large scopes often cover a large part of your screen. It will cause screen shake and make the camera choke. So, it's better to use hip-fire to spray in close combat. Moreover, you will react slowlier when opening scopes.

Hip Fire Spray
Hip-fire spray is more effective in close combat.

#4. Weapon selection is important

Weapon selection is very important for laser spray in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. For example, you shouldn't spray high-recoil weapons in mid-range engagements and when dealing with moving targets. Those high-recoil weapons like AKM, Beryl M762, and Mk14 are more suitable to spray in close combat.

Moving Target
Use weapons with higher rates of fire to pray moving targets.

If you have to deal with moving targets or engage in mid-range combat, choose stable ARs, such as M416, AUG, and Groza. Moreover, you should use weapons with high rates of fire when spraying moving vehicles. Changing weapons also help you master all weapons.

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