PUBG Mobile pro players often use 5-finger claw controls to play and perform excellent skills in this shooting game. Check out the best 5-finger claw PUBG Mobile and tips to master it here.

What is the best PUBG Mobile 5 finger setting?

Although each player will have a different setting and a 5-finger claw PUBG Mobile layout which they feel most comfortable, we can learn the best setting from pro players and give it a go.

5 Finger Claw Pubg Mobile
The best 5-finger claw layout is the one that suits your phone and hands the most.

In fact, PUBG Mobile and BGMI players often learn from famous YouTubers or streamers, then they will adjust the setting and layout based on their preference and experience. However, beginners should copy 5-finger claws from pro players' experiences to avoid mistakes. Also note that compared to 4-finger claw, the 5-finger claw would help you to move more rapidly as well as have better control over the game.

Basic Rules For PUBG Mobile 5-Finger Claw

Here are some notes for PUBG Mobile and BGMI players who are beginners in this playstyle.

  • On the left hand, the ring and picky fingers should place behind the smartphone. The other three fingers will control the left side of the screen.
  • On the right hand, the thumb and direct finger will control the right part of the phone screen.

Then, you need to place function buttons at the right places and assign your fingers to those buttons.

Best 5 Finger Setting
The best layout for a 5-finger layout should include 3 fingers on the left hand and 2 fingers on the right hand.

Finger Placements

These are the basic finger placements of many pro players in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

  • Pro players often put two fire buttons at the same place on the top left corner of the phone screen. Then, they put the middle finger of the left hand on these fire buttons.
  • Then, they place the crouch and prone buttons near the fire button where the direct finger can reach.
Place Functional Buttons At Handy Places
Put functional buttons at handy places so that your fingers can touch them easily.
  • The thumb of the left hand will take over the joystick and sprinting button.
  • Next, the direct finger of the right hand will control the aim button. These pro players often place a big aim button at the top right corner of the screen, next to the minimap.
  • The other thumb is placed on other function buttons, such as lean and peek, jump, climb, or the right fire button if they don't place it on the left one.
Better Result With Pro Setting
A proper setting and layout will let players perform better and rank up faster.

Layout Rules For The Best 5-Finger Claw PUBG Mobile

Apart from the position of these function buttons, PUBG Mobile and BGMI players also need to adjust the size and transparency of these buttons.

  • The left fire button, joystick, and aiming buttons should be large enough. It's highly recommended that you should leave them at 150 - 200%.
  • Some important function buttons, such as crouch, prone, jump, and climb buttons should be left at 110 - 120%.
  • You can leave the right fire button at the default size.
  • You should choose the hold option for the aim button so that the scope will turn off automatically when your finger leaves the button. Do the same with peek buttons.
  • The transparency of less important buttons should be reduced so that they won't cover your vision.
5 Finger Claw Layout
Important functional buttons should be big and transparent enough.

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How to master PUBG Mobile 5-finger claw?

After having the best setting and layout for a 5-finger claw in PUBG Mobile and BGMI, you should know how to make use of it and play well. There are some advantages of the 5-finger claw playstyle in PUBG Mobile that you should never waste.

#1. Drill Like Pro Players

With this layout, PUBG Mobile players can drill and destroy enemies quickly. In face-to-face combat and panic situations, you should use hip-fire to reflex quickly and drill the opponents right away. Hold the fire button with your left middle finger while dragging your camera view down with your right thumb.

5 Finger Claw Tap
This pro playstyle helps players improve their performance in both short and long-range combat.

In mid-range spray or long-range tap, you can open the scope to aim quickly and hold the fire button with this setup. In short, this playstyle and layout let players react rapidly in all situations.

#2. Pro Movement Combo

Besides, the best 5-finger claw PUBG Mobile also allows players to do some movement combinations.

  • Drop bullet is a pro skill. Players will lie down while keep shooting at the target. It helps you dodge bullets. But you need to do it quickly when the enemy hasn't reacted to you or he can finish you with a headshot.
Do Action Combo
You can also do many action combos to dodge bullets while shooting the enemies down.
  • Jump and Crouch: Players can dodge bullets when jumping. It's because many players cannot react and track your head immediately. You can also crouch to avoid bullets if the enemy aims at your head. While doing these actions, players need to hold the fire button to take the enemy down.
  • Crouch and peek: It's also a useful combo to dodge bullets while shooting back to enemies in close combat. You can also switch between right peek and left peek to confuse enemies.
  • Jump shot: This pro skill is easier with the best 5-finger claw setting. Players can clear enemies without getting a wound.
Peek And Fire
Players can do a couple of actions, such as peek, crouch, and fire rapidly.

#3. Faster Actions

5-finger claw players can also switch between many enemies quickly. Besides, the 5-finger claw setting also allows players to jump, crouch, and move around to avoid getting shots when they need to reload bullets. Then, you can survive from the bullet shower of enemies before returning to combat.

Those are all must-know rules for the best 5-finger claw PUBG Mobile and how beneficial it is. Practice makes perfect. So, you need to play more to master it and make use of this playstyle.

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