Jet ski PUBG is a vehicle for water traverse in PUBG game titles. It's small and nimble. Therefore, this vehicle is better than the boat in many maps and situations. Check out its locations and how to use this vehicle in PUBG game here.

About Jet Ski PUBG Mobile India

Jet Ski PUBG Mobile India is also known as Aquarail. It was first introduced in PUBG PC. It's one of two main vehicles to cross river and sea in PUBG games, such as PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile, and Battlegrounds Mobile India. While the speedboat PG-117 is a 4-seat vehicle, the Jet Ski offers only 2 seats. Therefore, only one player can hold the gun to shoot back when you get shot.

Pubg Jet Ski Aquarail
Jet Ski PUBG Mobile India is also known as Aquarail.

It accelerates quicker and has a smaller turn radius because of its smaller size. However, its max speed is not as high as that of the speedboat. Its health is 1000. The maximum speed of Aquarail is 90 km/h. Although it's more nimble than the speedboat PG-117, it's slower when moving at sea. Its speed is also affected by the water waves.

Jet Ski PUBG Mobile Location

Jet Ski is available on most classic maps in Battlegrounds Mobile India, including Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik. The map Vikendi is currently replaced by Karakin. You can only play it on the custom mode. Here are some locations of Jet Ski in PUBG Mobile on each map that you should know.

Jet Skis In Pubg Mobile
Jet Ski is available on most classic maps in PUBG Mobile India.

#1. Jet Ski Locations On Erangel

Jet Ski PUBG and the Speedboat are often spawned along the rivers and coastlines on all maps. Erangel has the longest coastline and a very long river. That's why you can find many jet skis here.

  • You can find some boats and jet skis along the river from Georgopol to Yasnaya Polyana.
  • The north coastline from Kameshki to Severny.
  • Jet ski in Zharki.
  • The East coastline from Kameshki to Lipovka.
  • From Mylta Power to Farm.
  • There are some jet skis and speedboats along the coast from Hospital to Ferry Pier.
  • You also find some Aquarails on the Northern coast around Sosnovka Island.
Ket Ski Erangel
Jet Skis and Speedboats are often spawned along the rivers and coastlines.

Please note that the Aquarail's spawn rate is higher on the river and lower at sea.

#2. Jet Ski Locations On Miramar

The spawn rate of the Jet Ski in Miramar is lower than that in Erangel because this desert map has less water than the former.

  • The south coastline from Valle del Mar to Impala.
  • Around the Southern island on the right of the Los Higos compound.
  • Two small islands in the East of Miramar, offshore Impala.
Jet Ski Pubg Miramar
Miramar has fewer jet skis than Erangel because it has a shorter coastline than Erangel.

#3. Jet Ski Locations On Sanhok

This map has some Aquarails along the river and in the Cave. Moreover, PUBG Mobile Sanhok has a very long river flowing from the north to the south.

  • You can find a jet ski outside Camp Charlie.
  • There are three jat skis inside Cave.
  • Along the river from Camp Charlie to Tat Mok
  • Along the river from Narip to Ruins in PUBG Mobile India.

There are around 30 jet skis on this map. You can use it to cross the long river across this map.

Pubg Sanhok Jet Ski
Sanhok has some Aquarails along the river and in the Cave.

#4. Jet Ski Locations On Vikendi

There are around 40 water vehicles on the snow map of Vikendi. This extremely cold island is surrounded by a large ocean. You can find some jet skis on these locations when this map is brought back to the game.

  • Milnar may have a riverboat.
  • Vihar has 1-3 jet skis.
  • Dobro Mesto has  1-3 jet skis.
  • Port has 1-2 riverboats.
  • Trevno is another location of a riverboat on Vikendi.
  • You can find some jet skis outside the Lumber Yard.
  • Then, there are a lot of jet skis along the river from Winery to Podvosto.
  • The northern river mouth also has two water vehicles.
Trevno Pubg Mobile
Trevno in Vikendi also has a jet ski to loot airdrop offshore.

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#5. Jet Ski Locations On Livik

This small map also has many jet skis and speedboats. Livik has a short coastline on the east and south of the map.

  • There are two jet skis in Water Fall.
  • You can find a riverboat in the East Port.
  • There are two other jet skis in the Fiskerhus.

So, this map has about 5 jet skis for players to traverse through the waterway.

Tips To Use Jet Ski In Classic Mode PUBG Mobile India

Jet skis are spawned more often along rivers. You should use this vehicle on small rivers where you need a smaller turn radius to turn back without getting stuck. Here are some tips to use the jet ski in PUBG Mobile India:

  • Always bring at least one gas can in your backpack because this vehicle often runs out of fuel quickly, especially when you use all two seats.
  • Drag the joystick left and right to shake the boat and dodge bullets when enemies shoot at you from two river banks.
Livik Jet Ski
Don't drive to the land or the boat will be stuck.
  • Jump into the water and dive deep into the river bed when the jet ski is likely to explode. Then, swim in another direction so that the enemies won't spot and kill you underwater.
  • As the health of this boat is pretty low, it will explode easily. Therefore, always keep an eye on the health and fuel of the boat.
  • Don't drive to the land or the boat will be stuck. Then, you cannot bring it back to the water and continue to use this jet ski.

Those are all locations to find jet ski PUBG Mobile India as well as some tips to use this vehicle. Always note that this vehicle often spawns along rivers and coastlines. Do come back for more useful tricks.

Jet Ski On Livik
Remember to search around rivers and coastlines to find the jet ski when you need it.

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