Smartphones and tablets are the two main devices to play PUBG Mobile and Battleground Mobile India. But which one is more advantageous? Let's compare iPhones vs. Ipads and pick the better one to win more and rank up faster.

Screen Size Advantage

iPads and tablets have many unfair advantages over gaming smartphones for PUBG Mobile. The first advantage of tablets is the larger screen size. It means that iPads have a larger display size for you to spot enemies. Moreover, the objects are also bigger than on smartphone screens. Then, players can spot targets easier when playing PUBG Mobile and BGMI on tablets and iPads.

Ipad Has Larger View Angle
iPads have a larger view angle than iPhones.

More importantly, the larger screen size of this device also gives players an extra view angle that smartphones do not. In specific, the iPad has a larger vertical view angle due to its screen ratio. It's very advantageous in many situations: when enemies are above or below you.

Hip Fire on iPhones vs. Ipads

Many players comment that the hip-fire accuracy increases when they play PUBG Mobile and BGMI on tablets and iPad. Miraculously, it's true. You can experience and compare to realize that hip-fire is crazily accurate on iPad. It's because the objects are bigger for you to aim and shoot without opening scopes, even when they are over 30 meters away from you.

Hip Fire Is More Accurate
Hip-fire is more accurate on iPads.


The gun recoil also decreases when you play these shooting games on iPads. It makes the ADS accuracy higher than on smartphones. You can open large scope and spray bullets to long-range enemies with less recoil and higher accuracy. It's because the iPad has 90FPS while the iPhone only has 60FPS.

Pubg Mobile Ipad
You experience less recoil when playing PUBG Mobile on iPads.


Moreover, the larger screen of iPads gives players more space to drag their fingers without covering the object. Therefore, you can drag the aim button and keep the cross-hair stable more easily. It makes you feel like the iPad has less recoil than the iPhone.

In short, you should play PUBG Mobile and BGMI on iPads and tablets. Then, you will have more advantages when playing these games.

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