PUBG Mobile has two main styles of firing: Aiming-Down-Sight (ADS) and Hip-fire. If ADS is shooting while opening sight or scope, Hip-fire is shooting without the scope. It’s a favorite firing style of pro players in close combat. Here are some tips to use Hip-fire in PUBG Mobile you should pocket for close-quarter combat.

Must-Know Tips For Hip-Fire In PUBG Mobile

The first thing you need to improve is hip-fire accuracy. You can do it in the training room by shooting without opening the scope at other players. You can also practice and improve accuracy with moving targets. However, it would be easier than practicing with real players because these targets only move left and right. 

Hipfire In Pubg Mobile
Practice Hip-fire in the training room before entering a match

In addition, move while shooting and try to place the crosshair accurately at the target while you are moving. Because in the real battles, you face real players, not the dead targets that standstill or with simple movements. Then, you also need to mix with crouching and jumping actions when shooting. 

Hipfire Combo Action
Then, practice hip-fire in TDM matches

Based on your preference, you set up the control of movements. Keep in mind that you need to place the crosshair correctly to knock the enemies down fast. This combo of actions and skills will help you win every close combat in real matches in all game modes. 

If you prefer the gyroscope and wish to improve your accuracy, you had better decrease the camera sensitivity to 1%. Remember that hip-fire is only effective in short-range combat. For example, in Team-Death Matches, you only engage in close-quarter combat and have no time to open scopes. You can remove the scope button or reduce its transparency to make your view larger for hip-fire.