PUBG Mobile has a wide range of weapons for players to use. M249 is one of only two light machine guns and one of the strongest weapons in this game. This gun is really a beast in close combat due to great power and a high firing rate. Here are things you should know about this gun and tips to master it in PUBG Mobile.

About M249

M249 is one of the most powerful guns in this game with a base damage of 45 and a reasonable firing rate. This LMG uses 5.56 ammo. Besides, it has the largest magazine capacity of 100 bullets per load. But it also takes the longest time to reload when the mag runs out of ammo. You waste about 6 seconds reloading this weapon. 

Pubg Mobile M249
M249 is a beast in close combat

In addition, M249 has only one attachment slot for sight and only one firing mode of full-auto. It’s the best weapon to clear a squad with a full magazine of ammo without reloading. 

Tips To Master M249 In PUBG Mobile

M249 has a great recoil rate due to its high firing rate. However, you can prone and fire to reduce gun recoil. This weapon has a bipod which is on when you are in the prone pose on the ground. But players need to find a good cover to fire while being prone. 

Prone To Reduce Recoil
Prone To Reduce Gun Recoil

Next, this gun takes you 7 seconds to reload because it has a large ammo capacity. Each mag has up to 100 bullets. So, you do not have to reload it frequently. However, you sometimes need to reload it. The tip is reloading in a safe place to avoid being killed while refilling the mag. 

M249 Pubg Mobile Status
M249 uses 5.56 ammo

In addition, you should grab a secondary gun that has lower reloading time. When you are about to clear an enemy team but the M249 runs out of ammo, you need the secondary gun to do the rest of the mission. 

Prone To Reduce Recoil
Grab a secondary weapon with less reloading time