PUBG Mobile Insectoids mode is available on the map Erangel now. Let's learn some tips to become the winner in PUBG Mobile Insectoids mode and check out whether you should play as a human or an insectoid here.

PUBG Mobile Insectoids Tips

This new game mode is a part of the current Traverse update. There are some features that you should experience and use to win.

  • Luminator Collection Device: This machine will give players guns, armor, medicines, etc. But these supplies are not for free. You need to collect Light points to exchange for normal items and rare items without having to loot airdrops, such as AUG, Groza, level-3 helmet, and vest. Therefore, this machine is also an ideal location for ambushing to harvest kill points.
Camp Around Luminator Machine
Camp around the Luminator machine to kill some enemies.
  • Light points: There are 3 types of light points: small, medium, and large. They are scattered around the LAB. Players with light spots above their heads will have the highest point.
  • Teleport Machine will help you save a lot of time on traveling for insectoids but it can be a deadly choice. If there is someone ambushing on another gate of the teleport waypoint with a pan, you will be killed in one hit.
Dont Use Teleport Machine
Don't use the teleport machine if you are not willing to take risks.
  • Insect players in PUBG Mobile Insectoid Mode can climb up the column on the top of the LAB to spot enemies around. But don't expose yourself when spotting them. Let's mark their locations and let your teammates know. Then, fight a place to ambush and kill them in one shot.
Ambush And Clear Enemies
Find a place to ambush and clear enemies
  • Fly low near the ground and leave the red circle to turn to human size. But you should find a cover for transformation and do it quietly to surprise enemies. If the enemy cannot see you, you can fly to his back, turn to human form, and shoot him down.

Insectoids Vs. Humans: Who Will Be Winner?

Apart from trying to get Chicken Dinner intense and fierce battle royale gameplay, you can enjoy hide and seek in PUBG Mobile Insectoids mode. As insectoid is the theme of this special game mode, this player will have more advantages over humans.

Advantage Of Insect Side
You will have more advantages in the form of an insect.

Due to their small size, they can hide in some secret corners that humans can hardly spot. Moreover, they can hardly be targeted and aimed at. Moreover, they can surprise human players by turning to the human form only by leaving the red circle around the lab.

Fly High To Scout
You can fly high, hide your position, and scout.

Besides, insectoids can collect light points more easily. Insectoid players should play the scout role in their teams. Keep communicating with teammates to let them know the position of enemies. Besides, it's better to move by car than using the Teleport machine.

Turn To Human Form
Turn to human form to surprise enemies and eliminate them.

In short, you should turn into the insectoid at the beginning of the match. Then, leave the lab after clearing lab areas and move to the next place for hunting enemies.

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