Here are the top 5 weapons with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile. Some names in this list may surprise you.

#5. Kar98K

Kar98k is a powerful sniper rifle that has high hit damage. Moreover, its accuracy is pretty high thanks to the low recoil. Besides, the maximum effective range is up to 500 meters.

Pubg Mobile Kar98k
Kar98k has high damage and accuracy.

You can knock out an enemy with level-1 and level-2 helmet in one shot to the head. If the enemies wear a level-3 helmet, Kar98k can destroy the helmet and take 99HP away. You can also use this bolt-action sniper rifle for mid-range combat.

#4. M24

M24 is one of the most favorite weapons for long-range combat due to its great power. Its base damage is 79HP per hit. Like Kar98k it can also knock an enemy with a level-2 helmet in one hit only.

Pubg Mobile M24
M24's hit damage is 79.

If the target wears a set of level-3 armor, you only need 2 shots to finish him. In addition, M24 has a high initial bullet velocity and reload speed. Moreover, it supports an extended mag to hold up to 7 bullets per load.

#3. Pan

It's pretty surprising to see this weapon in this list. But Pan is one of the most powerful melee weapons with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile. It's made of solid metal. So, it can be used as a bulletproof item to protect your back. Besides, the base damage of PUBG Mobile Pan reaches up to 80 HP per hit. You only need to make 2 consecutive hits to finish the opponent.

Pan Pubg Mobile
You can take down an enemy with two pan hits.

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#2. Crossbow

Crossbow has an insane base damage of 105HP per hit. You can take the enemies with a level-3 helmet in one shot only. Moreover, the crossbow is the most silent weapon in PUBG Mobile, so you can hide your position. But the reload duration of the crossbow is very long. You need to reload after each shot. Therefore, it's pretty risky when the enemies spot you.

#1. AWM

AWM tops the list of weapons with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile. The sound of it on the battleground always makes a lot of players terrified. Its base damage reaches 120HP per hit. It can finish a geared player in one shot only regardless of his armor or distance. Therefore, this powerful weapon is also rare.

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