PUBG Mobile 1.5 and PUBG New State are on the way to App Store in the near future. However, players will low-end devices can hardly enjoy these games. But those players can enjoy PUBG Mobile Lite instead. Check out this guide on PUBG Mobile Lite download new update 2021 iOS here.

PUBG Mobile Lite New Update 2021 Details

PUBG Lite has released many new updates in 2021. It introduced many new features. Here are all the interesting features in PUBG Mobile 0.21.0 to enjoy in this game.

Pubg Mobile Lite Update
PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 is the latest update in 2021.

#1. Girls Power Suite

Girls Power Suite bundles are new sets of female outfits in the latest Winner Pass in update 0.21.0. There are three sets of Girls Power Suite. It also fits the new theme of this new Winner Pass -  Summer Party. The trailer of Girls Power Suite was filmed on a stunning beach with music and dances.

Girls Power Suite
Three stunning sets of Girls Power Suite bundles are the themed outfits of the latest Winner Pass.

These three sets are designed in different styles: a girl's school uniform in white and pink, a housemaid dress in blue, and a Japanese-style dress named Ninja Kitty. The Winner Pass trailer video also introduced many other Winner Pass rewards, including Fire Breather AKM, and Neko Sakura Speedboat.

#2. Classic Gameplay

The classic battle royale gameplay is still retained. The new features in the previous Winter update were removed, such as skateboard, snow lands, ice statues, ice castle, etc. Instead, players will come back to the classic map of Golden Woods and Varenga.

Golden Woods
This summer update also features the classic Golden Woods.

The theme of this PUBG Mobile Lite New Update 2021 is Summer. Therefore, the biomes of these two maps will turn back to the normal design. You will fight and survive in familiar environments in classic mode. Besides, other Arena modes are also retained to bring players more exciting experiences.

The Winter theme of the previous update was removed.

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#3. Realistic Weapons

There is no change in the weapon system of PUBG Mobile Lite. But the game developers continue to introduce new weapon skins every new event and Winner Pass season. For example, Fire Breather AKM is the themed AKM skin in this Summer Winner Pass. You can also top-up BC to buy other gun skins from the in-game shop.

Pubg Mobile Lite Arsenal
The gun skins in PUBG Mobile Lite do not change the statistics of the weapons.

Like other PUBG games, the gun skins in PUBG Mobile Lite do not change the statistics of the weapons. Therefore, your gun won't get better or worse when you paint your guns. It makes this game balanced and realistic. Therefore, PUBG Mobile Lite weapons are more realistic than those in some other battle royale game. It gives players a more enjoyable experience.

Make The Game More Realistic
It makes this game balanced and realistic, so you will enjoy fierce combat on this battleground more.

#3. Improved Graphics Quality

The developer team of PUBG Mobile Lite is continually improving the graphic quality of the game to make it look more stunning and realistic. The latest update 0.21.0 also brings players a better graphic quality. However, the game size does not increase much to guarantee that this game is compatible with low-end devices.

Pubg Mobile Update 2021
The developers of this game keep improving the graphic quality of this game after each update.

#4. Fair Battleground For Everyone

The latest update of PUBG Mobile 0.21.0 retains the fair battleground for everyone. 60 players will land on the map with nothing on their hands. They have to run around and loot supplies dropped on the land, such as weapons, military helmets, and vests, bullets, medicines, etc. Players have to try to survive and win all combat to become the last man alive on the map.

Pubg Mobile Lite Apk
PUBG Mobile Lite retains the classic battle royale gameplay of PUBG Mobile but it's compatible with more devices.

#5. Multi-player Game Mode

PUBG Mobile Lite lets players in the same server connect and team up to form a duo or squad in multiplayer mode like PUBG Mobile. But the number of players in each match is fewer than that in PUBG Mobile. The game size is very small, so the number of players in each match is limited to make sure that your phone won't get lag when too many players gather.

Coop With Other Players
PUBG Mobile Lite lets players in the same server connect and team up to fight together.

PUBG Mobile Lite Download New Update 2021 iOS

PUBG Mobile Lite is not available on the App Store. Therefore, you cannot get the latest update on this application store on iPhones. Instead, there is only one method of PUBG Mobile Lite download new update 2021 iOS: download APK file.

Pubg Mobile Lite Apk
PUBG Mobile Lite APK is the only choice for iOS users because this game hasn't been available on App Store yet.

To get the APK file of PUBG Mobile Lite, you go to the official website of PUBG Mobile Lite. Or else, you can get the link of PUBG Mobile Lite download new update 2021 for iOS on other reliable sources. Gamer Roof also gives the link to download the latest version of PUBG Mobile Lite 2021.

You will get the PUBG Mobile Lite Full Version game by clicking on the Download button. Then, you locate the downloaded file on your phone and choose to install it. Make sure that your iPhone runs on iOS 9.0 or later versions. Besides, the phone capacity should be 2BG.

This guide on PUBG Mobile Lite download new update 2021 iOS only work when your iPhone meets these requirements.

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