PUBG Mobile offers you many categories of weapons for different ranges of combat. And Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles are the best weapons for long-range combat. It's because these weapons produce the greatest damage. Here is a completed guide and full details of three bolt-action snipers in PUBG Mobile.


AWM, Arctic Warfare Magnum, is the most powerful sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. It's also the only weapon that can damage a level-3 helmet totally and knock an enemy down in one hit. This rare gun can only be found in the airdrop with 20 exclusive extra bullets.


It uses 300 Magnum Ammunition. The base damage of AWM is 120 and its headshot damage is 300. You should attach a suppressor, an extended quick-draw mag, and a cheek pad to this gun. In addition, the best scopes for AWM must be 6x and 8x.

Awm 8x Scope
AWM With 8x Scope

PUBG Mobile M24

The second strongest bolt-action sniper in PUBG Mobile is M24. This weapon is available to loot on all five maps in classic mode. M24 uses 7.62 ammo and produces a huge damage point. The base damage of M24 is 75 while the headshot damage is 157.


It can knock an enemy with level2 helmet down and blow his helmet away. The best attachment for this powerful SR includes extended quick-draw mag, suppressor, and cheek pad. Besides, you should attach a 6x or 8x scope to this gun for better aiming in long-range combat.

PUBG Mobile Kar98K

Kar98K, Karabiner, is a popular and powerful bolt-action sniper in PUBG Mobile. It has a base damage point of 79 and a headshot damage point of 162. This SR also uses 7.62 ammo. But the delay time between two shots of Kar98K is longer than M24.


Besides, you cannot attach an extended quick-draw mag to this gun. Therefore, most players prefer M24. But Kar98K can be a deadly weapon if you shoot accurately. The best attachments for this gun include Cheek pad, Bullet loops, and 6x/8x scope.