PUBG Mobile has many categories of in-game missions for players to complete and get rewards. RP missions are among those mission fo PUBG Mobile that most players are trying to complete and increase the Royale Pass rank season 14. Here is a must-know guide on how to complete those RP missions, level up, and get RP rewards in Royale Pass season 14.

How To Complete PUBG Mobile Season 14 RP Missions

Like other Royale Pass season, RP season 14 also has two categories of missions for players to collect RP points, rank up, and get RP rewards, including daily missions and weekly missions. The daily missions will be refreshed every day while the weekly missions will be saved for the whole season. You need to complete these missions, collect RP points, and increase the level. Here are some tips and tricks to complete PUBG Mobile season 14 RP missions quickly.

Switch The Server

There are more pro players in Asia servers. So,  you need to switch to a server that there are fewer real players. It's recommended to play in the server Europe to encounter more bots. Then, you can complete the RP missions more easily.

Pubg Server
Switch To Server Europe

Complete Missions In Arcade Mode

There are many missions that you can complete in this game mode. So, you should try to complete those missions quickly. These missions are pretty easier and faster to complete and get RP points. It's because the matches Arcade Mode often take you less time.

Pubg Mobile Arcade
Complete RP missions in Arcade mode

Join A Permanent Team

Last but not least, you should have a permanent team so that they can support you while you are doing your missions. When you are playing with strangers in auto-matching matches, they might not help you do your RP mission or give you a good cover. For example, you want to find a certain type of weapon, you can ask your friends to help.

Pubg Mobile Squad
Have a permanent squad