When it comes to weapons for melee combat in PUBG Mobile, there is a vast range of unique one which you can use when running out of ammunition. In fact, melee weapons turn out to be one of the coolest items which you can use in a close-quarter battle against your opponent.

Among plenty of melee weapons, the pan in PUBG Mobile is obviously the most offbeat one, and finishing off your enemies with a nice shot of pan is the most awesome experience you can ever have.

Keep scrolling down for the detailed information about the pan in PUBG Mobile including the location, damage, and how to how to make the best out of it?

The Pan In Pubg Mobile
The Pan in PUBG Mobile is one of the coolest weapons you can find in the battle

The pan in PUBG Mobile is the most favored weapon of many players. In fact, it is said to be one of the most off-beat weapons you can ever have in the battle. PUBG players love to use the pan to finish their opponents off, to make fun of them, and to showcase their power.

The pans in PUBG Mobile stats

Being known as a cool weapon in PUBG Moblie, many players, however, are not quite familiar with this item. If you have no idea how damaging the pan in PUBG Mobile is, here is the detailed stats of it:

Power: 80
Rate of Fire: 5
Range: 2

Pan In Pubg Mobile
It requires some skills to use it effectively

Where to find the pans in PUBG Mobile

The location of the Pan in PUBG Mobile is unspecific. Just like many other weapons in the game, you can find it in a random place on the map. However, the pan is likely to be found in areas that have a high density of loot.

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Pan In Pubg Mobile 2
Pan kill is a nice way to finish off your enemies

How to use the pan in PUBG Mobile

Being known as one of the best weapons for melee battles, a pan can finish off a non-armored opponent with a single hit on the head or only two hits on the body. However, the best thing about this weapon is that it can also be used as a shield that protects you from attacks.

It seems easy to use but playing with the pan in PUBG Mobile is way harder than you think. It requires some techniques especially fluid movements, to make the best out of it. Find the proper time and thrash your enemy with a nice shot of pan is the coolest way to end the match.

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