PUBG Mobile publishers really know how to keep the game feel fresh and engaging as they crack up yet another exciting event. It’s time to unwind with the Oasis Fresh celebration, bringing you the opportunity to win tons of exclusive rewards. The event is going on right now, starting from 18th July 2020 and concludes on 27th July 2020. So be quick, gather all the ingredients you need to stir up some refreshing drinks now! There are only 5 days left.

pubg mobile oasis fresh do not miss
Don't miss out the chance to get free rewards

PUBG Mobile Fresh Oasis Event Overview

Players must collect four basic ingredients first to shake up some drinks. They include syrup, bitters, sour juices, and Chilli sauce. After shaking up the refreshing drinks with ice (also an item), you can consume them in the Spawn Island or in the Cheer Park. They will trigger some fun emote effects upon use. 

pubg mobile oasis fresh collect shake
Collect the ingredients to shake up your own drinks
pubg mobile oasis fresh consume
Have a drink for the special emotes

How to Participate in PUBG Mobile Fresh Oasis Event

  • Players who complete a match in Classic mode have a chance to get one of the four basic ingredients. 
  • Visit the Cheer Park to get the ice 
  • Combine three random ingredients with ice by shaking to create your very own drinks
  • During the event, the chance of getting the ingredients varies depending on maps and other factors. The details are as follows: Classic Map - Syrup; Livik Map - Bitters; Team Up - Sour Juice; Higher Rank - Chilli Saucer
  • Each drink must consist of three ingredients, and the result combination will vary based on the speed of your shaking
  • Adding ice will grant a chance of making a “special drink” 
  • Consuming the drinks in Cheer park or Spawn island gives some exciting emotes

The maximum limits of drinks are 46. You can exchange them for various rewards as shown in the list below:

  • Supply Crate coupon: 10 drinks 
  • Rose Sunglasses (7 days): 15 drinks
  • 5 Classic Crate coupon scraps: 20 drinks
  • 300 AG: 25 drinks
  • Pilot jacket (10 days): 30 drinks
  • SKS Tsunami skin (7 days): 34 drinks
pubg mobile oasis fresh 5 days
Hurry up, there are only 5 days left