PUBG Mobile has some of the most robust weapon systems in shooters – there are enough guns around that players often getting confused about whatever one they should pick.

The game also separates the weapons into various categories based on the statistics and functionality in real life. DP 28 and AKM are in the same category, use the same ammo type, however, they are often used for different purposes. In the article below, we would compare these two to see which amongst them is better, and in what situation.

1 – DP-28

The DP28 is rather hard to get due to its spawn rarity
  • Reload Duration: 5.5s.
  • Rate of fire: 0.109s
  • Ammo:7.62mm
  • Damage: 51

Classified as a Light Machine Gun that consumes 7.62 mm ammo, the DP-28 can be found on Erangel and Livik. It is considered a fan-favorite, due to its ability to inflict reliably high damage and ease of use.

Usually, players would use this gun in medium and long-range gunfights, however, based on players’ experiences, the DP 28 can perform decently well in close quarters.

The weakness of the DP 28 is probably its slower fire rate and moderately long reload time. It also does not have many attachment slots.

2 – AKM

The AKM is an improved version of the legendary AK47
  • Reload Duration: 2.90s
  • Rate of fire: 0.1s
  • Ammo: 7.62mm
  • Damage: 47

AKM is one of the most famous and popular Assault Rifle in the game. It uses 7.62 mm ammo and can be found across all maps in the game.

The AKM is one of the “get good” weapons that are quite hard to use and master, mainly due to its challenging recoil pattern. The gun has decently high damage and a good headshot modifier, with a magazine of thirty bullets. Overall, the AKM is best in short to middle range engagements.

Pubg Shooting Tricks 1280x720
The AKM can be equipped with much more attachments than the DP28

The biggest drawback of AKM is its infamous recoil, of course. If you spend some time to practice regularly, you would probably get the hang of it in a short time.

3 – Comparison

Both guns are really strong options for gameplay. The DP 28 has a lower skill cap due to its player-friendly and its effectiveness in long ranges. The AKM, on the other hand, can win against a DP-28 in a duel because of its higher firing rate. You should only use the AKM if you are confident with it, however.

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