PUBG Mobile Lite is a downscaled version of the normal PUBG Mobile, with various tweaks and graphics changes in order to accommodate weaker phones. Due to technical limitations, even the maps have been changed – PUBG Mobile Erangel’s equivalent in the Lite version is PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map.

pubg mobile lite varenga map
PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map Download: The map is cut into 2 parts by a river

In this article, we would list out some of the best tips and tricks for the Varenga Map along with its various secrets – try them out if you have had problems in getting a chicken dinner.

1 – Strategy for PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map

  • The map size is much smaller – from the edge of the map, you can head for the circle relatively quickly even on foot. Because of this, it is best to just land on some remote location and slowly looting your way in. You can reach the corner during your jump from the plane.
PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map Download
PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map: Try to get your hand on a scope early on
  • Unlike in PUBG Mobile, vehicles are not nearly as important – you can get pretty much everywhere on time by walking. However, if the situation calls for rushing action, getting a vehicle for your team is fine. Just be careful of enemy RPGs – a couple of hits could blow up your car and kill you.
  • Getting your hand on a scope early is very impactful. You would be able to scout the area and make decisions much better, and due to the smaller size of Varenga, sniping is a much better strategy than usual.
PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map Download
PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map: An RPG is part of the normal gameplay in Varenga
  • Abuse the lack of bullet drops to get headshots. The developers have dropped a lot of features when porting PUBG Mobile into its Lite version, and bullet drop is one of them. Bullets would now fly straight instead of dropping after a certain distance. Without that feature, making headshots would be much more straightforward – especially with sniper rifles/DMR and a good scope.
  • The game would last for like 15 minutes at most, with only 60 players on a smaller map. Because of this, you should camp around to try to get into the top 10 in every match – it would not take nearly as much time, unlike in PUBG Mobile. Get moving when there are about 10 players left.

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2 – Top landing spots for Varenga Map

While landing anywhere on PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map is fine, the following locations are the best for their loot quality. Good loot attracts players – if you want to have an exciting match right from the start and get kills to boost your K/D score, landing there is not a bad idea.


The warehouses on the eastern side of the map are home for a wide array of weapons and attachments of both quality and quantity, enough to equip more than one squad. The site contains one large main building and three other side buildings – it would take some time for you to cycle through them all.

PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map
PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map: Landing on the roof of buildings is recommended most of the time


This location on the west side of the map is skewed more toward quality than quantity – you can find more high tier loots here than low tier ones, and because of that, speed is key. After landing, you have to head to the main building – the big power plant and clear all the loot inside it right away. Try to land on the roof to get some advantages over your enemies.

PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map
PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map: Prepare yourself for a fight when landing on these hot spots

Pilot Plaza

The Pilot Plaza on the southeast of the map is the main “military compound” in PUBG Mobile – it is great in both loot quantity and quality, with three huge buildings in a relatively small area. For the most advantage, it is recommended that you land on the top of the building, grab a gun, and start firing right away.

PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map
PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map: In early fights, even a shotgun can be pretty useful


Located in the middle of the map, the Stadium is probably one of the most contested spots on Varenga, with the final circles very likely to be there. If you manage to land here, grab some loot and set up a camp, you would be able to survive until the end game without any problem. The Stadium has a decent amount of weapons of all types. The same rule applies for this location - you need to get the high ground as soon as possible.

PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map
PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map: Fighting the final circle in the Stadium

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