With PUBG Mobile rapidly growing all around the world, Tencent has decided to boost the scene even further, with the announcement of an even called PUBG Mobile Esports Awards 2020. This is a pretty weird decision, however, as with the Global Pandemic of Covid-19, getting the players onto the stage is nigh-impossible. This is not happening unless they are going to make it an online-only event, which is not a good choice for an award show.


Furthermore, awards are usually awarded at the end of the year or even the beginning of next year, and not in the middle of the year like the “launching soon” message seems to be implied. Overall, this might be just an announcement for the award show and not the show itself.

1 – How does this event work?

PUBG Mobile fans would get the chance to vote for their favorite professional players – if the awards are decided by this, India’s victory is pretty much in the bag, as the PUBG Mobile gaming community in India is larger than that of any other country. Besides this, no other details were revealed.

The official announcement tweet from PUBG Mobile Esports

Voting events were done in the past by Tencent, but always as a sideshow, not the main event like this. Fans were able to select players for the team up matches in PMCO 2019 and PCSC 2019.

2 – Prediction for what’s going to happen

With PUBG Mobile’s introduction of the Pro and World league tier, along with 5 million in prize money this year, the game has been growing faster than ever. Because of that, an award show like this is definitely needed.

Currently, the PMWL season zero is running for both east and west divisions – with the winners claiming a big part in the 3.1 crore prize pool. The Award show is probably going to happen after the conclusion of PMWC or PUBG Mobile World Championship, the biggest PUBG Mobile event ever.

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