PUBG, the second biggest battle royale game in the world, is constantly trying to improve their game, freshen it up so that players would not get bored. The simplest way to do that, of course, is to make changes to the map. Erangel, Vikendi and Miramar have all gotten subjected to changes over the years, and look like this is now Sanhok’s turn for the Remastered treatment.

The upgraded version of Sanhok is going to be a part of the next Season 8 update. The name for the update is not yet confirmed – for now, players are dubbing it Sanhok 2.0. The changes in this map are going to be pretty major – this might even lead to changes in strategies and playstyle.

Official hinting tweet from PUBG's official account

In this article, we are going to tell you everything available currently about the Sanhok 2.0 update. This might carry over to the mobile version of the game soon.

Sanhok 2.0: Old vs New

1 - Bootcamp

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From the picture above, we can clearly see that the Bootcamp area has been modified greatly, favoring a symmetrical design, with the same buildings placed opposite each other on all sides. This means there would not be any advantage for directions of approaches - in the old version, the gate of the building was placed at one side and people who land on that side would get to the target faster.

The rivers surrounding the camp is also much shallower and easier to cross

2 - Docks

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Sanhok's industrial dock for large ships would be transformed into a wooden, primitive dock which also serves as a "party zone". This is actually a lot more fitting to the theme of the area, as it is supposed to be an underdeveloped island. There is also a new building on the hills behind the docks as well.

3 - Ruins

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PUBG complied details of the changes at the end of the cinematic - and looks like the Ruins is also going to be changed as well. Overall, the old ruins look really underwhelming compared to the new one - which is a full-blown Angkor Wat style of architecture. With the new covers, fights here would be much more intense.

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