PUBG Mobile World League 2020’s first opening weekend rounds have ended relatively well for Indian teams. While NovaGodlike, TSM Entity, Megastar and Synerge didn’t do too well, Orange Rock had had a good day with 108 total points and the #2 spot on the board.

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The top 5 kill leaders of the opening week

The top 5 spots on the kill leaderboard of PMWL 2020 are understandably dominated by the top teams, with Bigetron RA getting 2, Orange Rock getting 2 and RRQ Athena getting 1.

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Overall leaderboard

1 – BTR Luxxy

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Luxxy from BTR is probably the best sniper in the world – the 17 years old has been an absolute menace back in PMCO. In PMWL 2020, his strength has not been reduced at all, with 16 kills in 8 matches of the first round. Luxxy along with his brother Zuxxy was the top 2 MVP in last year’s PMCO, and they would be the most dangerous opponents for every team this year.

2 – OR Gill

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One of India’s rising stars, Gill has definitely shown the world his worth in this tournament. Gill scored 16 kills, the same as Luxxy, but is a bit lower in additional statistics. It is not a surprise that Gill managed to prove himself – the guy won the MVP and Most damage award of PMCO India 2020, which serves as a big factor in team GodLike’s success. The guy’s real name is Ashpreet Singh.

3 – BTR Ryzen


The second member of BTR on the list – Ryzen is a great assaulter who’s super accurate with weapons in all ranges. His solid performance along with Luxxy is the reason behind BTR’s recent dominance. Ryzen is 18 years old, with his real name being Muhammad Albi

4 – RRQ G9

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RRQ, the best PUBG Mobile team in Thailand, has been doing pretty well in this tournament, and G9 is probably the biggest factor that’s carrying all of them. The guy’s real name is Pachachai Han, 24 years old. He came to this tournament with a massive array of prizes from PMSC, PMCO Spring, and Fall….

5 – OR Scout


Looks like OR’s decision of getting Scout onto the line up has paid off, as the guy has been on fire last weekend. Scout’s extremely accurate long-range spray has claimed a lot of lives – and he is just a little short, almost enough to claim the top spot of the MVP board. Overall, Scout’s experience would be OR’s biggest asset in advancing further.

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