PUBG Mobile’s Season 14 Royale Pass is going to hit the game tomorrow, with a brand new feature named Royale Subscriptions. This is PUBG Mobile’s first-ever exclusive collaboration with Google Playstore – the two new Royale Subscriptions are called RP Prime and RP Prime Plus.

Season 14's theme is going to be "Spark the Flame"

When will Season 14 Start?

With Season 13 ended yesterday, July 12, Season 14 “Spark the Flame” is going to be available in-game at 7:30 AM IST. As usual, the Elite Pass can be purchased for 600 UC and Elite Pass Plus for 1800 UC.

Various new sets in the next Royale Pass season

What are the Subscriptions?

With this being an exclusive collaboration with Google Playstore, only Android players would be able to redeem this reward. Below are the total benefits that players would get by buying the new model.

The features of the new subscriptions
  • The RP Prime Subscription is $4.99 or ₹ 350 per month, with the Plus Version being $12.49 / ₹ 950. Owners of the RP Prime subscription would get 300 UC every month (which can only be used to buy the Royale Pass) along with 100 RP and 10% discount when exchanging for items using RP points. While 300 UC is not enough to buy the pass right away, it is still a 6.5% save when you buy the other 300, not counting the two RP bonuses and discounts.
  • The RP Prime Plus is the same – you would get a 900 UC voucher per month, which means you need to buy the other 900 or wait for one month to get the Elite Pass Plus. The Prime Plus subs have the same bonus plus a Special RP Rank Card.

Besides everything above, players would get extra gifts like Spray, Airplane display avatar, and more…when they have subscribed for 3/6/9/12 months in a row. Overall, this Subscription feature is worth it if you are hardcore enough to buy Royale Pass every season - you would get a small discount along with a lot of goodies.

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