PUBG Mobile’s exclusive map Livik has finally been released in the 0.19.0 update 2 days ago. This map is going to be super action-packed, due to its much smaller size and a reduced round duration of 15 minutes. Besides the aforementioned basic gameplay change, a lot of new smaller features like new weapons or vehicles also play a big part. To win in Livik, you need to get some more information about all the changes – and our guide of PUBG Mobile Livik Map would definitely help you with that.

1 – PUBG Mobile Livik Map First Look

Livik is the smallest map ever introduced in PUBG Mobile, with a size of 2x2 km, half as much as Sanhok. Its counterpart in PUBG is the Karakin map, another 2x2 map that can fit 64 players. However, Livik is nowhere near as ugly and monotonous as Karakin – it is the combination of the previous 4 maps in PUBG Mobile – parts of Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok are all brought into this mix.

PUBG Mobile Livik Map
PUBG Mobile Livik Map Tips: The first exclusive map for PUBG Mobile only

About the region, Livik is actually based on… well, it is described as a “Nordic Map”, which implies a northern European origin, similar to Vikendi, but in a warmer region. With the appearance of Windmill and fields of flowers, Norway, Sweden or Netherland would be a likely possibility. The northeast of the map is all covered in snow, completely with a snow-capped mountain similar to Vikendi… but just a small distance to the west, on the southwestern side, you would be able to find all the barren land similar to Miramar.

Pubg Mobile Livik Map
PUBG Mobile Livik Map first look: Windmills and fields of flowers on Livik

Due to the size of the map, it is impossible to fit 100 players onto it. Currently, the player count for each match on Livik is 52. Even with this number, the map is still pretty dense – prepare to come across opponents as soon as you land. The zone also moves faster as well so campers would not have a good time here.

The 15 minutes per round give people who do not have much time the ability to still play PUBG Mobile without having to worry.

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2 – Secret locations and weapons on Livik

Hot Spring

Livik is filled with natural and man-made wonders like waterfalls, aqueducts… however, the hot springs are probably the best-looking location amongst them. It is located in the Northeastern part of the map, with the border filled with buildings, trees, and other obstacles that can provide decent coverage. The most unique thing about this location is that you can dip into the water to heal – this works wonder if you are short on bandages.

pubg mobile livik map gameplay
PUBG Mobile Livik Map Gameplay: Get into the Springs to heal yourself


This location lies on the southeastern side of Livik. The best part about this location is that there is a secret cave hidden behind the water, which contains a decent amount of loot. You only need to walk right through the waterfall to get to it.

PUBG Mobile Livik Map
PUBG Mobile Livik Map Details: The waterfall on Livik with a hidden secret

How to get the new MK12 and P90 in Livik

On this map, you can find almost every weapon in PUBG Mobile currently, plus two more: the MK12 DMR and the P90 SMG. The MK12 is a completely new weapon that’s going to be this map’s exclusive for a while. The P90, however, has appeared in arena modes.

PUBG Mobile Livik Map
All notable additions in PUBG Mobile Livik Map Tips
  • MK-12 is a designated marksman rifle using the 5.56mm ammo type. It fires in single-shot mode with a magazine capacity of 20. Overall, the gun’s excellent recoil control makes it a highly contested weapon. Its rarity is a problem, however.
  • The P90 is an SMG with the ability to rapidly spraying bullets with somewhat low recoil – it is pretty decent in close range combat as long as your ability to spray is good.
  • A new attachment named Barrel Extender has also been added onto this map. It is equipped on the Muzzle slot and can be used on most Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and SMGs. The weapon equipped with this attachment would have less bullet drop, which in turn increases accuracy in long-range.

How to get Monster Truck in PUBG Mobile?

The exclusive vehicle of Livik is the Monster Truck, which can traverse any terrain with its huge sets of wheels. Furthermore, it’s 4 slots capacity can support your whole squad. The car spawns randomly, however – there is no fixed location in which you can find it.

pubg mobile new map livik
PUBG Mobile New Map Livik: The Monster Truck is the most powerful vehicle in PUBG Mobile

How to get the Super Crates in Livik?

The special “super crates” on Livik spawn at random locations and are pretty hard to find due to its high probability to contain powerful weapons and loot. You can find guns like the MK12 and level 3 backpacks and helmets in there.

secret map livik
Secret map Livik: Super Crates are usually hidden on the map

However, there is one location the Super Crate often spawn – the back of the Waterfall. If you are lucky, you can even find two in that spot.

3 – Strategies that you should employ in PUBG Mobile Livik Map Gameplay

Overall, rushing and constantly moving around is the key, as the safe zone shrinks more rapidly and deals more damage than ever before. You would be a sitting duck if you try to camp around like in the normal PUBG Mobile maps.

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