Titles in PUBG Mobile is a cosmetic feature that showcases an achievement that a player has completed. Amongst them, the Mythic titles are the hardest to get, due to their absurdly high requirements.

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The top achievements in PUBG Mobile

In this article, we would list out some of the hardest to earn titles in the game and their requirements.

1 – Unique Destiny


This is the rarest elite titles in PUBG Mobile, due to its requirement of having 6000 achievement points. To get this one, you would have to focus on grinding not one, but all the achievements. Across all servers, only a few players have managed to accomplish this – it requires a lot of time, skill, and dedication – sometimes even cheats, as some achievements are so hard you need people to cooperate with you. Gaining the achievement would give you a unique costume as well.

2 – Season Conqueror Title

Getting a good squad can help you boost rank much faster

This is hard but in another way. Conqueror is the highest-ranked tier in PUBG Mobile – you have to be truly good at the game to be able to join that tier. The competition is fierce – only the top 500 players would be able to gain this.

3 – Mythic Fashion

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This title is somewhat of a “pay to get”, as it requires you to have a lot of mythic outfits in your inventory. After you have collected 50 mythic, it would be unlocked automatically. Unless you are willing to pay a lot of money, this is pretty much impossible. Also, you have to stick with the game for a while, as currently there are not that many mythic in circulation.

4 – Perfectionist

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Another title that encourages people to buy things – and this time it’s the Elite Royale Pass. You have to buy the pass 6 times in a row to unlock the title, which is an awfully long amount of time.

5 – On a mission

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The hardest part is to use the weaker weapons like pistol or melee

This title would be unlocked when players complete all the weapon masteries in the game, up to level 5. This requires an absurd amount of grind, especially for the harder titles like Pistol Mastery, Shotgun Mastery, or Melee Mastery.

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