PUBG Mobile Sanhok map is a tropical island. Ruins, one of the best loot locations on this map, often attracts a lot of players to land. Therefore, you sometimes have to engage in early combat. Here are some amazing tips and tricks to eliminate enemies and conquer this place.

Tips To Conquer Ruins In PUBG Mobile Sanhok

Ruins temple in Sanhok has a unique structure with three floors and many entrances. Moreover, there are some small shelters around the main temple. Here are some pro tips to conquer Sanhok Ruins in PUBG Mobile you should know.

Ruins - the lost temple in Sanhok
  • Jump when it's about 700m from the plane to that location.
  • Use the Eye button to look around and check out the enemies' position.
  • Try to land on the top of the temple and drop near the ceiling window so that you can easily drop to the first floor to avoid bullets. If you spot some enemies on the top floor with weapons, you can land in the surroundings temples or Bell towers to grab weapons and supplies before pushing the main temple.
Drop Nearby This Window
Drop Nearby This Window
  • Wrap a gun and bullets. Find helmet and military vet right away.
  • Avoid the staircases because enemies can sit still and camp there.
  • Climb to the peak of the main temper and shoot down the enemies on the first floor.
Check Out Rooms And Corners
Check Rooms And Corners Carefully
  • You should look around and check out whether there is an enemy in the surrounding temples or monuments or not.
  • There are many short-range weapons and some helmets and vets in the basement. It's also a great location to hide and camp in Ruins.
  • If the enemies are inside the first floor of the temple, throw some frag grenades, Molotovs, or stun grenade before rushing them. It helps you cause some damage or knock down the enemies quickly.
Check Out The Enemies Outside The Temple
Kill The Enemies Outside The Temple
  • There are a lot of corners and rooms inside Ruins. Therefore, you can use these corner to hide and camp to kill enemies suddenly. Besides, you shouldn't leave your squad and go alone because the enemies can knock you down and kill you before your teammate can save you.