PUBG Mobile offers squad mode to let players team up and play with other gamers. To play like a pro fragger and lead your squad to enjoy Chicken Dinner, you should pocket these pro tips. Check out these pro tips for fraggers in PUBG Mobile here.

Prone To Shoot And Surprise Enemies

In PUBG Mobile, fraggers often play in front of the squad. He must have great shooting skills and master close-range combat. Prone to shoot is a pro tip that helps fraggers should use to master 1v1 or 1v2 combat in close range. It will surprise the enemies and help you avoid getting a headshot. When you switch to prone pose to shoot suddenly, the enemies cannot reflex and aim accurately. But you have to stick your crosshair to enemy's head and body and keep shooting.

Prone And Shoot
Prone And Shoot

Crouch And Switch Between Crouch And Stand Constantly

It's a pro tip that a lot of pro players are using to eliminate enemies. Shooting when you are crouching helps reduce the gun recoil. Then, you can shoot with low recoil and kill enemies faster. Practice this skill in the training room and TDM mode to master it.

Crouch And Fire
Crouch And Fire

Jump While Shooting

Another pro tip to become a good fragger in PUBG Mobile is jumping while shooting. In 1v1 close combat, you should avoid get shot and kill the enemy quickly. So, keep jumping while shooting to prevent the enemies from shooting to your head. You can combine this action with two skills above to win every close-range combat.

Switch To FPP Mode

Moreover, PUBG Mobile added a TPP-FTT switch button to let you change the point of perspective while playing this game. In close combat insides houses or buildings, you can switch to the first-person perspective to enlarge your view. However, make sure that your teammates are standing behind you to give you good covers on other sides.

Switch Fpp
Switch to FPP to master 1v1 close combat