PUBG Mobile is an exciting shooting game that requires a lot of skills and tactics. House pushing is one of the most challenging and risky tasks in this game. Therefore, you need some useful tactics to attack houses and compound safely and effectively.

House Pushing Tactics In PUBG Mobile

If you notice one or some enemies in a house or compound, you can push the house to kill them. However, it's very risky because the enemies hiding in houses and shelters may have good covers and kill you. But with some great tactics, it would be easier to eliminate all enemies. Here are some pro tips and tricks for house pushing in PUBG Mobile that you should know.

  • Grab a UZI, AKM, Beryl M762, S686, or S12K for close combat. Take a couple of two close-range weapons. Reload both of them before pushing the house.
  • Push with a full squad to support and revive each other on time.
  • Break the front door with a frag grenade or a couple of shotgun bullets.
Throw Grenade
Throw Grenades Before Rushing House
  • Throw a well-cooked frag grenade or Molotov through the door or window to knock or cause some damage to enemies before pushing houses.
  • Keep moving right and left while spraying bullets.
  • Don't enter the house through the window because you cannot shoot while jumping through the window. Look through windows to check the enemies' positions.
Check Enemiess Position
Check Enemies' Positions Through Windows
  • Be careful with enemies in the upper staircase when pushing the house through the main door.
  • Enemies often stand still and camp behind the door or in the corner of the house. Sometimes, they can stand on a table in the corner of the house. So, you should keep moving while determining the position of the enemies and shoot them down quickly.
Be Careful In Stairs
Be Careful In Stairs
  • Always use frag grenades, Molotov, and Stun grenade to check the enemies' position, cause damage, or kill them.

Those are some must-know tactics to push house in PUBG Mobile you should know.