PUBG Mobile new vehicles are added to this game every update to make the vehicle list more diverse. PUBG Mobile vehicles are vital when players want to traverse the territories. When there is a new game mode or update, PUBG Mobile may add some new vehicles, such as a helicopter, or armored truck, etc. Check out the PUBG Mobile vehicles list here with

PUBG Mobile All Vehicles With Highest Speed

PUBG Mobile offers you a wide range of vehicles to traverse the land. Especially, you often need a good vehicle to move on immense Miramar and Erangel. Or else, when you land on the edge of the map but the safe zone shrinks into the other side of the map, you also. It’s hard to rush into the safe zone on foot when you are over 1,000 meters from the playing zone. Moreover, you also stop somewhere to loot weapons, supplies, and ammo. Here are many popular vehicles in PUBG Mobile that you can easily find on the maps.


The first vehicle in PUBG Mobile is Buggy. It’s also one of the most popular and easy-to-find vehicles in PUBG Mobile. Buggy is a two-slot ride for two players to traverse the territories. You can find this an open frame vehicle on Miramar, Erangel, and Sanhok maps. Buggy is also one of the fastest vehicles in this game with a maximum speed of 112km/h. Its health is only 1540, so you can destroy this vehicle with some bullets.

Pubg Mobile Buggy
Buggy is a 2-seat vehicle


The next name in this list of PUBG mobile all vehicles name is the motorcycle. It’s also one of the most popular and fastest rides in this game. The scooter and motorcycle can bring two players while the sidecar has three slots for three players. When players move on a Scooter or Motorcycle, they cannot use the weapons. But the third players on the sidecar can shoot. But the motorbike with a sidecar runs more slowly than the Motorcycle.

Pubg Mobile Motorcycle
The motorcycle is a popular ride in PUBG Mobile

Scooter and Motorcycle are available in Miramar, Erangel, and Sanhok. But you can only find the motorcycle with a sidecar on the Miramar and Erangel maps. On the Vikendi map, the motorbike is replaced by the Snowbike and Snowmobile.


Mirado is an exclusive vehicle that is only spawned in Miramar. It’s also a top speedy vehicle in this game. Besides, Mirado has good health. Moreover, Golden Mirado is one of some PUBG Mobile new vehicles that has been added to the new map Miramar 2.0. It’s spawned only in Hacienda Del Patron near San Martin. This 4-seat car can reach a maximum speed of 152 km/h.

Golden Morado
Golden Morado is a top speedy vehicle in this game


The next top-speedy vehicles in PUBG Mobile is Dacia. This four-seat car is very popular in this game. It is spawned at a high rate in two maps of PUBG Mobile: Erangel and Vikendi. It can reach the maximum speed of 110km/h. Besides, its HP is 1820, pretty high.

Pubg Mobile Dacia
The next top-speedy vehicles in PUBG Mobile is Dacia

PUBG Mobile New Vehicles: Exclusive Vehicles

There are some exclusive vehicles that appear on only one map. For example, the Golden Mirado is only spawned on Miramar map or Scooter on Sanhok. There are some other exclusive vehicles in this game. Check it out here.

UAZ On Erangel and Zima on Vikendi

Before the coming of BDRM-2, the armored UAZ is the most durable vehicle in this game. This vehicle is one of the most favorite cars due to its great health and high speed. Moreover, it’s stable and easy to drive on any terrains except for underwater.

Pubg Mobile Uaz
UAZ is a favorite vehicle in PUBG Mobile

Previously, UAZ is also spawned on the Vikendi map. But then, the developer made a special version of this car for this snowy map only which is called Zima. It’s pretty similar to UAZ. Then, Zima is one of the most favorite PUBG Mobile new vehicles.

Pubg Mobile Zima
Zima is one of PUBG Mobile new vehicles that replaces UAZ on Vikendi map

Mini Bus On Miramar

All PUBG mobile vehicles locations of the minibus are only on the desert Miramar. This bus has 6 seats in total. But this is not a favorite car because it can hardly run on the hills and mountains on this map. The mini-bus can run fast and stably on the road. But when you drive it off-road, it’s worse than other vehicles.

Minibus only appears on Miramar map

Pick Up On Miramar And Rony In Sanhok

Another exclusive car on Miramar is the Pick-up truck. It has four seats for a 4-player squad to move. It can be used comfortably both on-road and off-road. However, its HP is pretty low. So, the enemies can shoot and clear your squad with a car explosion.

Pubg Mobile Pickup
Pickup is another exclusive vehicle on Miramar map

When bringing this vehicle to the Sanhok map, the developers made some changes. Besides, it’s called Rony on this Asian tropical rain forest map.

Pubg Mobile Rony
Rony is the replacement of Pickup in Sanhok

Tukshai On Sanhok

Tukshai is a cute vehicle that only appears in Sanhok. It can only bring three players. Its speed and health are pretty low. So, Tukshai is not a favorite vehicle in this game. The enemy can easily clear all the players on a Tukshai and you cannot run away on this vehicle.

Tukshai On Sanhok
Tukshai is a cute vehicle that only appears in Sanhok

BDRM-2 From The Airdrops

This armored truck is only spawned in the airdrop when you shoot the airdrop outsides the white circle. BDRM-2 has such a great HP that the enemy needs over two loads of ammo to destroy this truck. In addition, this vehicle can move underwater. However, the speed of this truck is pretty low. It's also very noisy. It has 4 seats for a full squad of 4 players.

Bdrm 2 From The Airdrops
BDRM-2 can move on all terrains

PUBG Mobile New Vehicles: Some Special Vehicles

There are some special vehicles you can use to move off-landing. To travel on the water, you can drive PG-117. But you'd better use it at sea because this ship is too big to move on small rivers. PG-117 has enough vacancies for a squad of five players.

Pg 117

To traverse on small rivers in PUBG Mobile, you can ride an Aquarail. This 2-seat canoe is speedy but not stable. It's pretty hard to control these boats and canoes. You need great PUBG mobile vehicle controls to travel safely. Besides, there is a helicopter available in the Payload mode only.


These are things you need to know about PUBG mobile new vehicles as well as legendary vehicles in this game. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.