PUBG Mobile is a fast-paced shooting game where you need to master skills and techniques to win. One of the most amazing techniques to get Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile is moving while shooting. Here’s the guide on how to move while you are firing in this game. Check it out.

How To Move While Firing In PUBG Mobile

Sometimes, you have to engage in combat without cover. For example, you are moving in open ground and get shot or is close combat, you need to shoot back without cover. To avoid being an easy target and get killed in those cases, you need to move while shooting. Besides, players need to practice to peek and shoot while moving to play like a pro.

Drag The Moving Button While Holding The Shooting
Drag the moving button while holding the shooting button

These skills will help you avoid the bullets from enemies while shooting down them. You need to invest your time and effort to practice and master this skill. And the training room is a good place to practice it with moving targets. You try to shoot down the targets when dragging to the moving button to the right and left.

Peek Aim And Shoot While Moving
Peek, Aim, And Shoot While Moving

Start with standing-still targets first before practicing with moving targets. Initially, you will find it hard to place the cross-hair perfectly. But with practice, it can improve it and get better at aiming while moving. Keep in mind that you can drag the right shooting button to move the camera angle but you can move the camera angle when dragging the left-shooting button.

Have A Good Control Setting
Have A Good Control Setting

You need to practice many times in the training room to master it. Then, let’s play in Team Death Matches to practice this skill with real players. This game mode gives you a chance to improve your aiming and shooting skills in close combat. Finally, you need suitable sensitive and control settings.