PUBG Mobile is going to launch a new special character, Andy. In the preparation for his debut, the game publisher introduced a Road Trip event which gives players a chance to get this character for free. Check out this special PUBG Mobile Road Trip event here.

PUBG Mobile Introduced Road Trip Event In Limited Time

PUBG Mobile Road Trip is a time-limited event lasting from June 13th to 25th. It’s a small event in Mysterious Jungle Event. In this event, players will complete missions, collect Diesel, and travel. Especially, you will get a special parachute skin when you have traveled 3000km.

Pubg Mobile Road Trip Event
Road Trip Event Center In PUBG Mobile

There are many milestones on the road to get the parachute skin. At each milestone, the PUBG Mobile Road Trip event will reward players a gift. It can be a Jungle Treasure crate, free AG coins, classic crate coupon, and time-limited QBU skin.

Jungle Crate
You can get some rewards from the Jungle Crate

When you get the Jungle crate, you can unbox it and get many rewards. The Jungle crate often includes gold coins, AG coins, crate coupon scraps, and character vouchers. Upon collecting enough character vouchers, you can get Andy's special character for free. To get Diesel and travel, you need to complete some event missions. The number of Diesel is displayed in the gas station on the left bottom corner of the phone screen.

Play In Classic Mode
Kill 2 Enemies In Classic Mode To Get x4 Diesel

If you get some Diesel can on the gas box, tap on the button 'Advance' to travel and reach milestones. From my own experience, you can move 1000m with 10 Diesel cans. You can invite your friends to do missions and collect Diesel with you. If your teammates complete the mission, you will also get the Diesel.

The game also gives you some tips to play and collect more Diesel. For example, you can double the Diesel cans when completing a Classic Mode match. In addition, you will get x4 Diesel cans by killing two enemies in Classic Mode. Here are some event rules that you should keep in mind when playing in the PUBG Mobile Road Trip event.

Pubg Mobile Road Trip Event Rule
Road Trip Event Rules You Should Keep In Mind