PUBG Mobile shotguns are among the strongest but least preferred weapons. In close combat, these weapons produce such great damage that you can knock or kill an enemy with one shot. However, not many players prefer this type of weapon because they do not know how to use shotguns correctly. Here are some tips to use shotguns correctly and get kills. 

How To Use Shotguns Correctly In PUBG Mobile

When using a shotgun, you should switch to TPP and wait for the enemy to get close to you. Next, aim for his head and shoot correctly. If the enemy is over 5m away from you, it’s hard for the bullet to drop accurately. These weapons are most powerful in close combat. In medium and long-range combat, they are useless. Here are things you need to keep in mind when using this type of weapon.

All Shotguns In Pubg Mobile Use 12 Gauge Ammo
All Shotguns In PUBG Mobile Use 12-Gauge Ammo

Types Of Shotguns

There are many types of shotguns you can find in PUBG Mobile. The S1897 and S12K have the same damage, but they are still different. The S12K is one of the most favorite shotgun in PUBG Mobile because you can shoot 5 bullets with default mag and 7 bullets with an extended mag. Moreover, reloading and refilling time is shorter. Meanwhile, the S1897 has a higher bullet speed, so it’s a bit stronger in 1v1 combat. 

Use Shotgun Correctly
Use Shotgun Correctly


These shotguns in PUBG Mobile have different ranges. These are effective ranges of shotguns in PUBG Mobile you should know. The effective range of the Sawed-Off is from 10m to 15m. Next, S1897 has an effective range of 15m. Then, the effective range of the S12K is 20m while that of the S686 is 25m. DBS is a new powerful shotgun that is only spawned in the airdrop. Its effective range is from 20m to 25m.