World's best PUBG players come from many countries in the world. Here’s the list of top 10 PUBG Mobile players in the world. Check it out and count the number of top world players from your country. Then, let’s see who brings India to the PUBG Mobile world map with

RRQ D2E – One Of The World Best PUBG Players

Bawonchai Han, or RRQ D2E is a PUBG Mobile player from Bangkok, Thailand. He’s from the top world’s PUBG Mobile team RRQ. With great PUBG Mobile skills, D2E often reach conqueror tier in many PUBG Mobile seasons. Moreover, this player has a really impressive K/D ratio. D2E represented Thailand to compete in many local and international tournaments such as PMSC, Indonesia Tournament Center, and Crew Challenge.

Athena Gaming

The second name in this list of the world's best PUBG players is Athena Gaming. You can enjoy and admire his amazing TPP/FPP performances on his YouTube channel. This world's best PUBG player masters both close-range combat and sniping skills. Athena Gaming does not join any esports team but he’s still one of the best PUBG Mobile players in Korea and the world now. He often plays solo matches and sometimes duo matches on his live-stream.

Athena Gaming Played With Mortal
Athena Gaming Played With SOUL Mortal In An Interesting Match That Was Full Of Funs And Twists

Coffin – One Of The World's Best PUBG Players

Coffin is another PUBG Mobile player and YouTuber. He’s from Turkey. Fans and other players also recognize the pro-level skills of this PUBG Mobile player. He’s best known for his close combat skills, tactical gameplay, and fast reflexes. Coffin often plays solo and squad matches and shows off his excellent skills.

SOUL Mortal

Mortal is known as the best PUBG player in the world from India. This young player is an important member of Team SOUL. He and his teammates represented India to complete in many regional and international tournaments. Mortal also has a YouTube channel to post his PUBG Mobile gameplay to fans.

Soul Mortal
Mortal is known as the best PUBG player in India and one of the top players in the world now

This conqueror PUBG Mobile player is also estimated as the best PUBG Mobile player in India. He and his team won many PUBG Mobile events such as PMIS 2019. Mortal is famous for his great tactical gameplay, quick reflexes, and pro-level PUBG Mobile skills. He’s also the world's no.1 PUBG player to his fans.

Biu Biu - One Of The World's Best PUBG Players

Biu Biu is the world's no 1 PUBG player in Malaysia. He started to play PUBG Mobile on the China server before switching to the Asia server. With pro-level skills, he reached the conqueror tier in many PUBG Mobile seasons. His YouTube channel has over 8.23 lakh subscribers. Moreover, his gameplay videos also have a great number of views. He often shows his great close combat skills in solo vs squad matches. If you have watched many videos of him, you will notice that Biu Biu often plays on the Erangel map.


Another player recognized as the best PUBG player in world is Rollexxx from the USA. He is a member of the pro esports team Lights Out. He also played with some PUBG Mobile players from India like SOUL Mortal and SOUL Nova. His video titled ‘POWERBANG MORTAL AND ROLEX SQUAD! DREAM TEAM?!’ has over 15 lakh views on YouTube.

In that video, Rollexxx squad, including Rolex, Mortal, Nova, and Power Bang, top PUBG Mobile players in the world play together. Although they lost two members before the final circle and had to fight 5 enemies left, the 2 alive players still won the match.

IzZo - One Of The World's Best PUBG Players

The seventh name in this list of world best PUBG players is IzZo from Denmark. His Youtube channel has nearly 10 lakh subscribers. He’s famous for his aggressive gameplay and amazing gaming skills. He can master most of the weapons, from SMGs to ARs and SRs. But it seems that his close combat skills are better than sniping skills. IzZo is the best PUBG Mobile player in Denmark now and one of the best players in the world, too.


The next PUBG Mobile player on this list is Levinho from Sweden. He has impressive statistics and tier results. With aggressive gameplay and great shooting combat skills, Levinho often earns an S+ rate for almost his matches. His YouTube channel has got over 67.3 lakh subscribers. He also shared many tips and reviews through his videos. One of the most-watched videos on his channel is the match he played with Coffin, another top player in this list.

Panda - One Of The World's Best PUBG Players

Panda is one of the best PUBG Mobile players in the world who comes from Germany. He masters different skills, from melee to close combat and sniping skills. Panda has quick reflexes and tactical gameplay. His Youtube channel has over 60 lakh subscribers who are active. Besides exciting gameplay videos, this PUBG Mobile player also made many videos of funny and epic moments.

Panda Pubg Mobile
Panda is one of the best PUBG Mobile players in the world

BTR Zuxxy

The world top 10 PUBG mobile player in this list is BTR Zuxxy from Indonesia. His YouTube channel, Zuxxy Gaming, has over 10 lakh subscribers. He is also a member of the professional esports team BTR in this country. They competed in many local esports events and gave the audience many impressive performances. Zuxxy is best known for his great sniping skills.

Those are the world's best PUBG players in PUBG Mobile. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let’s visit our website.