PUBG Mobile finally released the highly-anticipated character, Andy. He is a new special character that can be obtained with 1200 UCs immediately. Or else, you can use 1200 character vouchers to get Andy for free in PUBG Mobile. Here’s how to get this character without spending a UC in PUBG Mobile.

How To Get Andy For Free In PUBG Mobile

Andy is a highly-awaited character who has just come to PUBG Mobile recently. He has his own outfit, voice set, emotes, and a special pack of Extreme Speed. Besides, there is a special MVP emote when you reach level 10. To unlock this character, you need to spend 1200 UCs or 1200 Character Vouchers. There are many chances for you to get free Character Vouchers and obtain the character, Andy.

Pubg Mobile Andy Costs 1200 Uc
To unlock this character, you need to spend 1200 UCs or 1200 Character Vouchers

If you can’t afford UC to buy this character, you can collect Character Vouchers to obtain Andy for free. PUBG Mobile has also introduced many time-limited events to let players collect free Character vouchers. Here are some ongoing events in which you can get Character Vouchers for free in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Road Trip Event

This time-limited event takes place from June 13th to 25th. In this event, you complete event missions, collect Diesel, and travel. When reaching each milestone, you can get a Jungle Crate to unbox and get rewards. Each Jungle Crate has 10 character vouchers. Most of the milestones on the road are Jungle Crates. So, you can get a lot of Character Vouchers from the PUBG Mobile Road Trip event.

Pubg Mobile Road Trip Event
Join Road Trip Event To Earn Some Free Character Vouchers

Andy Character Release Event

In addition, PUBG Mobile players can get 60 Character Vouchers for free from Andy puppet show event. You need to login to the game in three days to get 60 Character Vouchers. You need to watch the puppet show to join the event and get rewards. Besides, the system also gives you 10 free Character Vouchers for watching the full launching clip of this character.

Collect 60 Character Vouchers From Andy Launch Event
Collect 60 Character Vouchers From Andy Launch Event