Battlegrounds Mobile India players have three muzzles, including flash hider, compensator, and suppressor. The suppressor is also called the silencer. Let's check out whether compensator or suppressor is better.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Muzzle Comparison

Compensator and silencer are the two most popular muzzles in BGMI because their effects are more needed. The silencer reduces the noise of the gun. Besides, the compensator reduces the gun recoil. Base on the strategy and style of fire, you choose the proper muzzle. Let's analyze which muzzle is better for each situation.

Choose The Muzzle Based On Weapon
Choose the muzzle based on weapon and situation.
  • When compensator is better?

The compensator is better in close combat and hip-fire. In close-range combat, it's very important to pull the crosshair and keep it stable. Therefore, you should use the compensator. It's useless to use the silencer in close combat because the opponents always hear your gun sound even when you use the suppressor.

Use Compensator In Close Combat
Use the compensator in BGMI close combat.

In addition, you should use a compensator when spraying with BGMI assault rifles. The most significant feature of this weapon category is the high recoil, especially when you spray bullets. This muzzle helps reduce both vertical and horizontal recoil.

Compensator With Ars
The compensator is suitable for ARs.
  • When suppressor is useful?

The silencer is also useful in some situations and suitable for some weapons. The suppressor is useful in mid-range combat and long-range combat. Besides, you need to use the silencer in solo vs squad combat when you need to hide your position and survive, especially when you are the last man standing in squad. Having said that, you should engage from a long distance and use some smoke to cover.

Suppressor In Solo Vs Squad
The silencer is useful in solo vs squad situations.

Besides, the silencer is the best choice for 5.56 semi-sniper rifles and bolt-action sniper rifles in BGMI. These weapons have acceptable recoil. For example, Mini-14 and QBZ are pretty stable. So, you don't need to use the compensator. If you don't have the silencer, use a flash hider instead. It helps hide your position effectively.

  • Compensator Or Suppressor?

Both of these two muzzles are useful in different situations. However, the compensator is still more preferred and powerful than the suppressor. It's because ARs are more widely used than SRs and DMRs in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Besides, you win engage in close combat in most of the game.

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