Mk12 is a DMR in PUBG games. It was first introduced in PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India. Now, it has come to PUBG PC. However, Mk12 in BGMI and Mk12 in PUBG PC only have the same name but different statistics. Let's compare these two weapons in several criteria as below.

#1. Base Damage

Mk12 in BGMI has a base damage of 46. It's also the lowest damage point among DMRs. It's even lower than Mini-14 and QBU although they use the same ammo. However, the base damage of this DMR in the PC version is 50. It makes this gun has the highest base damage among 5,56 DMRs.

Mk12 Bgmi
Mk12 in BGMI has a base damage of 46.

Obviously, Mk12 in BGMI and Mk12 in PUBG PC have different positions in these games. Despite its potentials in PUBG Mobile and BGMI, this gun is pretty underrated. But in PUBG PC, Mk12 may become one of the most favorite DMRs. You only need 2 accurate headshots to take down an enemy with a level-3 helmet.

Mk12 Pc Base Damage
The base damage of Mk12 in PUBG PC is higher.

#2. Initial Bullet Velocity

The bullet velocity of all weapons in the mobile version is always lower than that in the PC version. The new Mk12 on the Taego map has a high initial bullet speed of 930m/s. Then, the bullets reach the targets faster and the accuracy is also higher.

Initial Velocity
The Initial Velocity of Mk12 in PUBG PC is higher.

#3. Firing Mode

If Mk12 features a full-auto firing mode, it can replace Mk14 in the King position of the DMR category. But PUBG developers do not tend to make this new gun so powerful. Therefore, Mk12 in both BGMI and PUBG PC only has one single firing mode.

Firing Mode
This gun only has only single firing mode in both BGMI and PUBG PC.

#4. Ammo Capacity & Attachments

Although the base damage and bullet speed of Mk12 in the two versions are different, they still have some similarities. The ammo capacity and attachment slots of this gun do not change when it arrives from the mobile versions to PUBG PC. It can hold 20-30 bullets per load. Besides, Mk12 supports all basic attachments in PUBG games, such as muzzles, grips, magazines, and scopes.

Mk12 Pubg Mobile
It holds 20-30 bullets per load.

#5. Reload Duration

The reload duration of Mk12 in PUBG Mobile and BGMI is longer than that in PUBG PC. In PUBG Mobile and BGMI, it takes you 2.8 - 3.2 seconds to reload bullets while in the PC version, it takes you only 2.4 - 2.8 seconds. Therefore, you can return to combat faster in the PC version.

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