Choosing a proper gun combination will buff your power in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Besides, you need different weapon combos on different maps. Here are the top 5 gun combinations for Erangel in BGMI.

#1. Micro UZI + M416

This is the most stable weapon combo in BGMI. Micro UZI is the best gun for face-to-face and close combat with a high firing rate, very high accuracy, and stability. The only weakness of UZI is its small ammo capacity.

Next, you need an M416 in this combo to deal with mid-range combat. The best combo for spraying bullets in mid-range engagements are M416 and 6x scope.

M416 And Micro Uzi
M416 and Micro UZI

#2. AKM + DP-28

Pro players in Battlegrounds Mobile India can use this powerful combo. AKM is one of the most powerful ARs with super high base damage. BGMI can clear a team in a bullet load with AKM.

The best feature of this combo is the bullet type. Both AKM and DP-28 use 7.62mm ammo. Therefore, you don't need to find other bullet types. Besides, DP-28 has can deal with both short-range and mid-range combat.

Akm Is Very Powerful
AKM is very powerful.

#3. M416 + M24

M416 can work well in both close and mid-range spray in Erangel. But you should keep both a red dot and a 6x scope to switch. Besides, you can attach that 6x scope to M24 to deal with targets in long-range combat. This bolt-action sniper rifle has a long effective range and very high base damage.

M416 And M24
M416 and M24

#4. AKM + M416

This is an ideal gun combination for squad tankers in BGMI on the Erangel map. With two extended mags, these ARs can hold up to 80 bullets in total. Therefore, when the AKM runs out of bullets, quickly switch to M416.

Don't waste time on reloading because enemies can kill you when you are busy reloading bullets.

M416 And Akm
M416 and AKM

#5. M416 + VSS

If you play solo vs squad or you are the only man alive in your squad, you should use this combo in Erangel. Keep a suppressor in your backpack and attack it to M416 to hide your position. VSS has a pre-attached suppressor and pretty high base damage. It's the best semi-sniper gun for long-range combat.

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