Battlegrounds Mobile India is an exciting shooting game in which players may lose when making a small mistake. Here are the top 5 deadly mistakes that BGMI players should avoid.

#1. Not Pushing Without Full HP

It's very risky when you push without healing. When you push without a full HP bar, it means you are weaker and vulnerable to the enemy's attack. Therefore, you should use first-aid kits, painkillers, and energy drinks.

However, if you have a good chance to push when your HP is still low, you have to heal rapidly and make a quick decision to push or you may lose that opportunity.

Dont Push With Low Hp
Don't push with low HP when playing BGMI.

#2. Not Bringing Smoke Grenades

Another mistake that BGMI should avoid is not bringing smoke grenades. The smoke grenade is a very important and useful weapon in this game. You can make use of smoke tricks to confuse enemies.

Throw smoke grenades to make fake smoke. Then, enemies won't know your position and the way you push. But don't stay inside the fake smoke or opponents will clear you with some Molotovs and frag grenades.

Fake Smoking To Confuse Enemies
Fake smoking to confuse enemies!

#3. Pushing Immediately After Knocking An Enemy

Most BGMI players often push right away after knocking an enemy. However, you may be baited to push and killed then. Keep in mind that the enemy team still has one to three other standing men. They can camp, wait until you push, and clear you.

After knocking an opponent, hold back and locate his teammates. The safer tip to confirm that kill is using Molotovs or frag grenades. Only use this tip when you go solo vs squad only.

Use Frag Grenades And Molotovs To Confirm Kills Sa
Use frag grenades and Molotovs to confirm kills safely

#4. Rushing Blindly

It's one of the most deadly mistakes in BGMI if you rush blindly when your enemies are snakes. You should take an upper ground to spot enemies easily. For example, you can climb upstairs of a high building or find a rock around.

Take An Upper Place To Spot Snakes
Take an upper place to spot snakes.

#5. Playing Too Defensively

Many BGMI players often sit and wait for enemies to come, but it's not a wise technique in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Instead, you should flank them instantly to surprise enemies. If you stand still and wait for enemies to rush you, you may lose the best chance to win combat.

Above are the five deadly mistakes in BGMI that every player may easily make. Visit our website often for more pro gameplay tips!

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