Krafton is pretty busy with many new projects, such as PUBG New State and Battlegrounds Mobile India. But they don't forget to update new content to PUBG. K2 seems to be the new gun in the upcoming map Taego in PUBG.

New Gun K2 And New Map Taego In PUBG

The new map Taego and new gun K2 -  a legendary gun from South Korea are expected to come to PUBG in early July. In specific, the new map Taego in PUBG will arrive on the PC platform on July 7th and console on July 15th. Here are all the leaks about these two contents.

Pubg New Map Code
PUBG PC will have a new map and an exclusive weapon.

#1. PUBG New Map Named Taego

PUBG has leaked many codes related to this new map, such as Tiger and Kiki. Finally, Krafton decided to name it Taego. It's quite similar to Erangel. This new map also comprises a big island and a smaller one. Moreover, Taego will be an 8x8 map like Erangel and Miramar.

Pubg New 8x8 Map Taego
This is an 8x8 map.

Moreover, Taego also comes along with a Respawn Royale mechanism like in Respawn Royale mode in LABS. The evidence is the appearance of LABS in the center of the map. It will bring a big change to the gameplay of this battle royale game when players will respawn unlimitedly until the whole team is cleared. Players will respawn after 100 seconds as on as at least one teammate still stays alive.

New Map Taego
It will have the Respawn Royale mechanism.

Then, each match will last longer because players have more chances to flee away and survive until their teammates respawn. Besides, the number of survivors in final circles also increases. It makes final combat more fierce and intense.

#2. New Weapon Daewoo K2

This new map is inspired by South Korea. Besides, it will have an exclusive weapon called Daewoo K2. In the trailer video, this new weapon appears in a corner of the second poster. The new gun K2 in PUBG has a longer barrel than all existing ARs in this game. It makes us think of K2 - an iconic weapon in South Korea.

New Map Taego
The new map in PUBG is inspired by South Korea.

Daewoo K2 rooted in South Korea in the 1970s. This AR uses 5.56mm ammo, so its damage may range from 40 to 42. Besides, it has three firing modes, including single, burst, and full-auto. Besides, the real version of Daewoo K2 supports many attachments like other ARs, such as scope, foregrip, mag, and muzzle.

Pubg New Map Poster
The latest poster leaks a new gun.

In addition, the initial bullet velocity of this new gun reaches 920m/s. Besides, the maximum effective range of fire is 600 meters. Therefore, you can use this AR as a DMR. In close combat, it's also very powerful with a very high rate of fire which reaches 700 - 900 rounds per minute. In addition, it holds 30 - 40 bullets per load.

Daewoo K2
It can be Daewoo K2 - the pride of South Korea.

K2 will be introduced in PUBG PC on July 7th in the new map Taego. Just wait to experience it and compare this new gun with its real version and other 5.56 ARs in PUBG.

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