PlayerUnknown's Battleground introduced an interesting game mode named "Respawn Royale". Let's get to know what it is and how to play and win in this new game mode.

What Is Respawn Royale Mode In PUBG?

Respawn Royale is a new game mode in PUBG LABS. 32 players will drop on a small play zone on the map Paramo. This is a very small map with a changeable environment. The environment and climate on this map will change every match. Therefore, players will have to adapt to a new battle environment in each match.

Respawn Royale Mode In Pubg Min
Respawn Royale is a new fast-paced game mode in PUBG LABS.

Each team still has 4 pre-geared players. Then, they can engage instantly after landing. Moreover, you can respawn unlimitedly after 100 seconds until the game finishes provided that at least one member of your steam is still alive. Respawn Royale is pretty similar to the War Game mode in PUBG Mobile.

Respawn After 100s
You will drop in a small play area in Paramo.

Once all four members are cleared, they will be removed from the match. Moreover, you can change your weapon while waiting for respawning. This game mode will satisfy aggressive players with fast-paced combat.

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Tips To Play Respawn Royale Mode

In the Respawn Royale Mode in PUBG, if you are the last man standing in your team, stay safe and don't engage. You should try to survive until your teammates respawn or your team will be eliminated totally. Choose the right weapon combo base on your role and preference.

Team Squad Mode
Don't engage until your teammates respawn.

There are three sets of gear for players to choose from.

  • The shotgun set includes a DBS, a Deagle, holographic sight, red dot, ammo, a helmet, and a military vest. Besides, you also get 2 smoke grenades.
  • The sniper set only has an AWM with a 3x scope and 35 bullets and three stun grenades.
  • The snake set includes a bow with a 4x scope and 12 arrows, a Ghillie suit, a Sawed-off with 12 bullets.
Respawn Royale Map Min
Choose the best gear combo before landing.

Moreover, you can loot weapons and supplies on the map, such as Panzerfaust, Molotovs, Frag grenades, etc. Moreover, the weapon damage is increased by 5 times. Therefore, you can kill one man with one shot only. Once you get shot, you will die immediately and have to wait to respawn after 100 seconds.

Pregeared Players Min
Teamwork is very important in this game mode.

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