PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) is losing its top position in the gaming world. In an attempt to bring this game to the heyday, the game developers are introducing new features. In the upcoming season 9, they will introduce a new map named Paramo. Its first look was unveiled in the trailer. Check it out here with

PUBG To Introduce New Paramo Map In The Upcoming Season 9

Paramo is the name of the new map which will arrive in this game in the upcoming season 9. The developers also revealed that Paramo would be a dynamic map where players always had to guess each drop. It means that Paramo will not stay still but it will always change.

The game publisher has uploaded three trailers introducing this map on the official YouTube channel of PlayerUnknown's Battleground. The first trailer introduced some mysteries in the Paramo map. It flashbacked many historical events to reveal the origin of this map.

Paramo Volcano
Paramo map has a new Volcano

Then, the second trailer gave players the first images of this new map. It features a volcano which can play a key role in the map. Moreover, the trailer also revealed a new helicopter and a new airdrop.

The Town On The Foot Of The Volcano
The Town On The Foot Of The Volcano Mount

The latest trailer, also the third video, explained why the Paramo map will be a dynamic landscape in PUBG. The structure of the town on the volcano foot keeps changing from game to game. Sometimes, it's a residential area, sometimes, it looks like an industrial park, and it sometimes looks like a ruin after an eruption. That's why the developers said that you would have to guess every drop on this new map.

New Helicopter
New Helicopter

The latest season 8 has many new features, including the ferry, Jammer Pack, and new Arena Mode. The map will arrive at the PC platform on Oct 21st and Consoles on Oct 29th.