PUBG Mobile boasts quite an extended collection of firearms, ranging from ARs to pistols. Today, we're here to shed the light on one of the most underrated Designed Marksman Rifle in the entire game. Let's talk MK12 PUBG Location, stats, and more. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the latest DMR in PUBG Mobile.

MK12 Stats

Here are the specs of the MK12 Designed Marksman Rifle in PUBG Mobile:

  • Damage: 46-48
  • Range: 150 meters
  • Magazine: 20 rounds (expandable to 30)
  • Fire modes: Semi-automatic
  • Recoil rate: Low
Image Mk12 Pubg
MK12 has very good stats

The MK12 stats fit right in with the nordic map of Livik. The map is small with mostly plain-sight fields, where the MK12's range has no difficulty reaching out. The high base damage combined with a low recoil rate creates a lethal weapon that could drop enemies quickly and efficiently. Don't know where to look for this gun just yet? Here's the MK12 PUBG map location.

MK12 PUBG Location - Livik Map Exclusive

Fans of the game should know that MK12 and P90 are the two latest arrivals in the realm of PUBG Mobile. MK12 is also one of two exclusive weapons on this snow land map. That means you can only find this gun in the Beta version of Livik.

Mk12 New Gun
Mk12 is a new DMR in PUBG Mobile

Before MK12 and P90, the game also offers several exclusive weapons on certain maps. For instance, we have the QBU and QBZ on the Sanhok map. They are the equivalent of Mini-14 and SCAR-L on the tropical island. Then comes the G36C - another exclusive gun on Vikendi.

Mk12 Uses 5 56mm Ammo
Mk12 fires 5.56mm ammo

Mk12 PUBG Mobile Location

This gun spawns all over the map, so you can find it literally all compounds and buildings in Livik. However, there are some places that offer a higher chance of actually getting one.

Mk12 Location
Check out these locations to find the MK12
  • Power Plant: This big drop location offers an awful lot of good loots. This is also the best MK12 PUBG gun location. You may find it on the containers with some bullets laying around.
  • Blomster: Players are guaranteed to find more than two Mk12 DMRs in this compound. One sits in the warehouse and the other spawns in some high-rise buildings.
  • Midstein: Worthy of a check.
  • Shipyard: There are about 2 to 3 Mk12 in this area. Plus, this is not a very hot drop on the map, so going for a safe start here is viable.
Its Often Spawned Inside Buildings
Check the buildings carefully for an MK12
  • Crabgrass, Gronhus, Gass, Holdhus, Wengen, and Ice Borg also house at least one Mk12 gun.

Mk12 Attachments

You can attach an ammo magazine, a scope, a muzzle, a foregrip, and a canted sight to the MK12. But, what are the absolute must-haves for this gun to perform at its full potential?

Best Attachment For Mk12
The best attachment combo for MK12
  • 4X or 6X Scope: We highly recommended these scopes for the gun. Considering the scale of Livik, the 8x scope just seems to be a bit overkill.
  • Flash hider or suppressor: You may find yourself shooting the MK12 on the ground very often. So do get these muzzles to hide your position.
  • Extended quickdraw mag: This is the must for every gun in the game, and the Mk12 is no exception. The extra capacity and reload speed will give you an advantage in fights.
It Would Be Better If You Can Find A 6x Scope
6X Scope is great on the MK12 if you can find one
  • A light grip or an angled grip: These are the best grips to help you open the scope faster.

Mk12 Weapon Combinations

The Mk12 is a DMR. It's best for mid-range combats, so you need something to cover up your close-range sector. And considering that the MK12 PUBG location in live is on Livik, we have picked out some of the best weapons to pair with this gun:

  • M416: Both the M416 and the Mk12 use 5.56mm ammo. Pairing these two powerhouses together will save you a lot of backpack space for other supplies. On top of that, the M416 is super reliable and can spray effectively in short and mid-range combat.
M416 And Mk12 Will Be A Powerful Weapon Combo
M416 and Mk12 is a deadly combo
  • UZI or P90: For a small map like Livik, SMGs are great choices to pick up. The UZI is the best short-range weapon with an insane rate of fire. On the other hand, the P90 is also ideal for close combat while Mk12 finishes off faraway targets.
  • DP-28: Another good pair for the MK12 is the DP-28. It has incredible damage potential that you can exploit to spray your way to victory.
  • AKM or Beryl M762: If you know your way around these 7.62 ARs, they will not disappoint.
Akm And Mk12
Practice and control your AKM!
  • Honorable mentions: If you're looking for some fun or highlights, pair the MK12 with other snipers or DMRs like the AWM or Kark98. Rare air-drop guns like the Mk14, Groza, AUG A3, or M249 also fit the game!

That's all you need to know about the MK12 PUBG Location. Do not underestimate the capability of this seeming underdog of a gun. The MK12 DMR can drop enemies from afar with insane accuracy in a blink of an eye. For more tips and tricks on PUBG Mobile, visit our website at