Battlegrounds Mobile India lets players gift items to increase synergy with friends. Check out this guide on how to gift items in Battlegrounds Mobile India here.

Uses Of Gift System In BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India is also known as PUBG Mobile India. It's because they have the same gameplay and mechanism as PUBG Mobile global version. BGMI also has a synergy system that calculates the relationship between two players. One common method to increase the synergy is to gift items to other players.

Battlegrounds Mobile India allows players to send in-game friend gifts.

In fact, many players often gift their friends outfits, ornaments, Royale Pass, rename cards, and more as birthday presents, wedding gifts, and more. It's also a way to give in-game friends gifts on special occasions when you cannot meet them, especially during the pandemic or due to the long distance.

Vehicle Skins
There are many types of gifts that you can send to your friends in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Particularly, many boys often send their in-game girlfriends precious items in PUBG Mobile India to please or flirt with them. It makes this game a convenient channel to connect players and couples in this game. You can also develop friendships with your classmates and friends in this game although you live far away from them.

Gifts From Treasures
Many boys often send precious items to their in-game girlfriends in PUBG Mobile India to please them.

Moreover, many pro players and YouTubers also use the gift system in PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India to give away items. These streamers often hold custom matches to play with viewers. It's interesting content for viewers and a good chance for players to win many attractive rewards, such as RP cards, skins, and bundles, etc. The rewards can be sent via the gift system.

Lover In Pubg Mobile
The gift system makes your relationship with you and your friend better.

How To Gift Items In BGMI

It's pretty easy to gift players in this version of PUBG Mobile India, just like sending gifts in PUBG Mobile previously. The game offers you a large store of gifts with plenty of gift categories. Follow this full guide on how to gift items in Battlegrounds Mobile India here.

  • Click on the avatar of the friend on the friend list you want to send the gift.
  • Tap on Send a Gift button.
  • Choose Gift for Spaces or Gifts in the Shop.
how to gift items in PUBG Mobile India
Select the friend avatar in the friend list to send him/her the gift.
  • If you want to select the gift in the shop, tap on the button From the Shop.
  • Select the item you want to send to your friend.
  • Pay UC or AG to purchase the item from the shop and send it.
Select The Gift
Select the gifts from Space or gifts from the Shop to send your friends.

The item will be sent to the mailbox of the receiver. Inform your friend and ask him/her to check the mailbox and receive the present.

BGMI Gift Category

Besides how to gift items in PUBG Mobile India, you should als note that there are many categories of gifts in Battlegrounds Mobile India that you can send your friends.

Gifts From the Shop

  • Treasures: Royale Pass Upgrade card, Radio, 100-point card, classic crate coupon scraps, premium crate coupon scraps, Elite Pass Plus Upgrade Card.
  • Outfits: All bundles from the Classic Crate, hats, glasses, masks, tops, bottoms, shoes, and helmet skins.
Melee Weapon Skin
You can send some weapon skins, such as Crashing Waves - UMP45 or melee weapon skins to friends.
  • Weapons: Crashing Waves - UMP45 skin and melee weapon skins of the crowbar and pan.
  • Vehicles: Baseball Jet Ski skin for the canoe.
  • Others: Some parachute skins in the Redeem shop.
Parachute Skins
There are many parachute skins in the Gift Shop that Battlegrounds Mobile India players can send friends.

The item collections in the shop can be changed after each season. You need to pay UC or AG to purchase these items.

Gifts From Space

  • Baller Plane: 1000 UC/+25,000 flame points and +100 synergy.
  • Pan: From event rewards/+1 synergy and +200 flame points
  • Like Chicken: Free/+20 flame points.
  • Heart Chicken: 500 BP/+20 flame points.
  • Grilled Chicken: 10 Silver Coins/+30 flame points.
  • Motorcycle: 10 UC/+200 flame points and +200 synergy.
  • Gold Banknote: 50 UC/+800 and +4 synergy.
  • Sports Car: 1000 UC/+2,200 and +10 synergy.
Gifts From Space
Many events often introduce some new Space Gifts such as Pan and Plane but these items are time-limited items.

The number of gifts from space you can send is often limited, except for Gold Banknote. These flame points will increase the total popularity of PUBG Mobile India players. You can also check out the top fans in the profile to know who sends you the most gifts from Space. Besides, many events often introduce some new Space Gifts but they are time-limited items.

Those are things you need to know about the BGMI gift system and a full guide on how to gift items in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

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