After 9 months of waiting, Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally got launch in India. A new Battlegrounds Mobile India tournament was also announced the Launch Party tournament. Along with the tournament, many old PUBG Mobile teams and players are preparing to get back to the esports scene.

Team SouL's New Roster For Battlegrounds Mobile India

Team SouL, led by the famous YouTuber Naman ‘SouLmorTal’ Mathur, has gotten everything ready for the upcoming tournaments. To add to the excitement, the famous PUBG Mobile player, ScoutOP, will be a part of SouL's lineup.

Here is the new Battlegrounds Mobile India roster of team SouL:

  • SouLMaVi – In-game leader/support assaulter
  • SouLRegaLToS – Entry fragger/filter
  • SouLScOut – Flanker
  • SouLVipeR – Support
  • SouLmorTal – Mentor/support

ScoutOP is known as one of the best PUBG Mobile players in India, if not the best. He helped Orange Rock get the runner-up position in the PMWL 2020 East, the highest achievement any Indian team has ever made.

Scout Op 7820 Aac4
Orange Rock has made the right choice to include ScoutIOP into their roster

He actually was in the SouL lineup once, before he left with 2 SouL members to create a new team after only a month. This created quite a big controversy among the PUBG Mobile community in India. However, that was from a long time ago and it is great to see Scout and MortaL working together again.

Team Soul
Team SouL is still one of the most favorited teams in India.

Team SouL is one of the most successful esports teams in India who won many big tournaments such as the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2019. While the performance of the team wasn't very good last year, fans are still longing to see their comeback this time.

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