Just a couple of weeks since its initial release, BGMI has already introduced new content for players to enjoy. Yep, there's a new map in Battlegrounds Mobile India called "Hangar". It's an exclusive map to the Arena Training and Gun mode as well as the Team Deathmatch. Here's what you need to know about the New Hangar Arena Map in BGMI and some tips on how to play it like a pro!

Hangar Map Feature
Check out the new Hangar Arena Map and how to master it.

New Hangar Arena Map in Battlegrounds Mobile India

The Hangar is the latest addition to the playable maps of Battlegrounds Mobile India. It features a more modern look that distinguishes itself from other maps in the game. There's a helicopter at the center of the map, providing plenty of covers for players. On top of that, the map also has various different compartments that can protect players from incoming enemies' firepower.

Hangar Map
The map comes from PUBG Mobile 1.14 update.

In case you want to test the new map out, Arena will be the default map in Arena mode in BGMI. You can change to the old ‘Inventory’ warehouse map if you don’t feel like playing the new map. It kind of reminds us of the TDM map in COD Mobile.

Tips to Play the Hangar Arena Map Like a Pro

The new map in BGMI is full of containers and compartments. Though they may provide you with plenty of coverage, they also make tracking or fighting your enemies a lot harder. We suggest choosing strategic locations where you have a wide and clear view in front. Look out for those who camp the corners for passerby and practice pro movement tips to aim better.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Look closely for campers.

Fighting in a tight space like the Hangar map puts stress on throwables like grenades. They're extra effective in this kind of environment, both to zone out enemies or take them down altogether.

Remember the helicopter in the center of the map? You can prone on it to cover your trace and rain fire down on enemies standing below. Another easy strategy is to hide right near the spawn. There will be someone trying to take you down right at the spawn, so be prepared, and give them a warm welcome.

Hangar Map New
The new map is available in a few game modes of BGMI.

The last tip will regard your weapon of choice. For close-range combat in tight maps like Hangar, nothing beats the M762-XT or AKM -XT. They fire fast, deal good damage, and the recoil isn't that impactful in close range. As long as you can point the gun in the general direction of the enemies, you will win.

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