Competitive matchmaking has always been an addiction for everyone in PUBG Mobile. It's still the same with Battlegrounds Mobile India. When you rank up in BGMI, you will receive not only rewards but also recognition from other players. So, if you're stuck at Silver, or maybe lower, read this guide! It will help you reach higher ranks fast, even to the Ace tier in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Ace Tier Bgmi
BGMI players will receive SS18 Ace Badge for reaching the Ace tier.

Check out the following Battlegrounds Mobile India Ace tier rank push tips!

1. Stay Away From Hot Zones

There are always hot-drop zones on the map where many players seek to find their first kill of the game. However, if you're on a rank grind, steer clear from these locations. As tempting as it may sound to get plenty of kills right off the bat, it's still too risky. Instead, play it safe! Pick a spot further away from the plane's path to drop. Get equipment first so that you can stand a chance fighting other players.

Hotspot In Sanhok
This is not a good sight.

2. Watch Famous Streamers

Take some of your time to watch famous BGMI or PUBG Mobile streamers doing their thing. These players are often well-versed in the game. You can learn a lot just by watching how they rotate, make decisions, or control the weapons. Also, streamers may have information on the game's current meta. That could come in handy for your rank grinding.

Bgmi Streamers
Watch and learn!

3. Pick Up Meta Weapons

Here's where you take advantage of meta weapons to reach the Ace tier in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Each patch or update of the game will feature one or more weapons that are stronger than others. They may recently receive a buff, or they haven't been nerfed to the ground yet. Pick those meta weapons up and use them to push your rank!

Pubg M416
You can always rely on a weapon that you're comfortable with.

Also, guns like M416 or SCAR-L will always hold their values. They're easy to use, they deal good damage, and they're everywhere. So, we highly recommend picking them as your main weapons.

4. Don't Sleep On Throwables

A rookie mistake that many low-tiered players make is not stocking throwables. They drop grenades and smokes in order to store more ammo. We don't recommend you doing so. If you're using more ammunition than you should, consider bettering your aim. But that's a topic for another article.

Throwables Bgmi
Take throwables wherever you can.

Always pick up as many throwables in Battlegrounds Mobile India and put them to great use. Molotov cocktails can corral enemies into small spaces for frag grenades to finish them off. Smoke Grenades help you cover your track, fake rotations, or heal up in open areas. Stun grenades are also super helpful when sieging.

5. Prioritize Survival First

Surviving actually gives you more rank points than getting kills. That's why we recommend you play it safe to maximize your chance of surviving. To do this, you have to practice skills to predict the next circles in BGMI and make the smart rotation move inside the circle as soon as possible. There you can pick up skirmishes or hold advantageous buildings before the ring closes in.

Circle Closing
Don't move in the zone at the last minutes.

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