Weapons are an important part of a battle royale, and Battlegrounds Mobile India is not an exception. In battle royale mode, you can get weapons through looting in the environment, killing other players, or airdrops. The last method provides the best quality weapons... but you have to contest against other players for the loot.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best airdrop weapons in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

5 - MK14 EBR

MK14 EBR is a hard-hitting long-range rifle for putting down targets from afar. The Mk14 can be considered as a bigger version of the SKS, with more damage per shot in exchange for higher recoil. It can also be switched into automatic fire mode for players to deal with close-range foes.


The MK14 EBR can be equipped with an 8x scope. Due to the high recoil, this weapon is not recommended for new players.

4 - AUG A3

The AUG A3 has the lowest recoil amongst airdrop weapons, along with exceptional handling and high muzzle velocity. It is a highly sought-after weapon for anyone who likes to fish for headshots. Its damage is fairly low comparing to other airdrops guns, so body shots won't be as powerful.


The weakness of the AUG A3 is its relatively slow reload time. A quickdraw magazine is vital when using this weapon.

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3 - AWM

The AWM is a powerful bolt action rifle designed for extreme range sharpshooting. It deals the highest damage amongst all guns in the game, and is one of the two ranged weapons that can kill any players with a headshot, alongside the crossbow.


The long reload, unique ammo, and low fire rate all represent the high risk, high reward gameplay. You need to be experienced to be able to use this weapon effectively.

2 - Groza

The Groza can deal the same damage as an AK while having the second-highest fire rate amongst all ARs. It is a powerful gun that can turn the tables around in hard situations, especially in the final stages of the game. The damage potential alone brings this weapon to the top of the list.

Groza in BGMI

The weakness of the Groza is its long reload time - you need a quickdraw magazine to fix that. The lack of a foregrip and 8x scope render it unable to fight at long range as well.

1 - M249

M249 is the best airdrop weapon in Battlegrounds Mobile India due to its extremely high fire rate and large magazine. It can do both room clearing and sniping - you can just go prone to deploy the bipod and reduce 70% of all recoil.

M249 in BGMI

The weakness of the M249 is its long reload time. You need to get to a safe location to refill this weapon - if that is not possible, just use your secondary.

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