The Playzone or "Circle" is the area in which players must stay during the game. Players take damage every second outside of the circle - this forces players to get closer to each other as the game progresses. This is a method to force engagements and speed up the game.

In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about the circles in Battlegrounds Mobile India and how to predict their movement.

About the Blue Zone in BGMI

Before the circle starts shrinking, the new location of it is marked as a smaller, white circle. As the circle moves, its size and center's location change at a constant rate until it meets the white circle. The damage starts to ramp up from the fifth circle onwards.

 playzone in BGMI
The damage and size of the playzone in BGMI

You would take massive damage based on your distance from the safe zone. The first 4 circles in Battlegrounds Mobile India are relatively harmless - you can easily out heal the damage using medkit or first aid kits. From the fifth circle onwards, however, the damage of the blue zone increases exponentially. It is best to stay inside the zone in the later stage of the game.

earlier zones are fairly safe
Earlier zones are fairly easy to deal with due to the low damage.

The damage dealt is based on distance. If you have a decent stock of healing, staying near the edge of the zone for a bit is actually not that big of a problem. While the fifth blue zone deals 3 damage per second, if you are near the edge, it only deals 1.

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How to predict the next circles in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

There are 3 rules for predicting the next safe zone in BGMI:

The circle will never end in a water area.

This is hardcoded into PUBG and Battlegrounds Mobile India. As you cannot defend yourself with weapons while swimming, an end zone in the water is more or less a "no-winner" scenario. No one wants that to happen - the end of the game is almost always a fight.

Swimming puts you at a disadvantage in BGMI.

The center of the circles is random and constantly changes.

The center of the new circle would be a random spot inside the previous circle. To maximize your chance of survival and reduce the distance you need to move, try to get to the center of the circle to wait for the next one. Staying near the edge in the final zones is fairly risky.

Staying near the edge
Staying near the edge and move when the zone closes in is not a good idea.

Loot planes path and drop is a great clue.

You can look at the path of the loot plane and the crate drop place to predict the next circle. It is likely to land at the center or near-center point of the next safe zone. The chances are significantly higher for the final 3 zones.

Plan your movement
Plan your movement based on the plane's loot drop

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